Annalise’s baking bonanza for ACRF

Currently serving in the RAN, I’m 24 years old, love to spend time with my friends and family, enjoy music, photography and baking. Part of the fun in baking is sharing it so I’m constantly accused at work of adding inches to everyone’s waistlines!

The decision to fundraise for cancer research came after seeing how the disease has affected several of my friends over the past two years. First, it was my best friend who was diagnosed with leukaemia and now thankfully is in remission. Another mate passed away from bowel cancer only a couple of months after being diagnosed and, most recently, another friend is undergoing treatment for Burkitt’s lymphoma.

It’s been a distressing couple of years for everyone, and it seems best to put my emotions into doing something positive – like fundraising. Unsure of which cancer foundation to support, I read about the work that ACRF is doing with research into different types of cancer. Straightaway, I knew that I wanted to raise money to help their efforts and it could be done by selling my baking creations. My divisional staff was on board with the endeavour and support from my supervisors and work colleagues has been absolutely fantastic. I set a goal of raising $1500 and we’re close to achieving it.

The incredibly dedicated and hard work of all the medical teams in treating cancer is another reason to support research. After seeing so many friends suffer from this horrible disease, especially young people who had been in perfect health, it’s clear that cancer doesn’t discriminate. More cancer research will result in improved treatments for patients, or at the very least, make the end a little more comfortable for them.

I would encourage anyone else who wants to fundraise to set a goal and go for it. If you exceed that goal, set a higher one. The only person holding you back is yourself and every additional dollar you raise will count towards helping to end cancer.


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