Ali and James invite ACRF to wedding

When Ali and James married last year, it was in the beautiful sweeping gardens of Southdown Estate, Burradoo, surrounded by their families and many friends.

The Sydney-based couple, who work in the film and television industry, met at a music festival and share a long-time love of music. Ali says her favourite music moment of the ceremony was dancing with her dad down the aisle towards James to the Beatles – Got to Get You Into My Life – and for James, it was the theme song of comedy film Space Jam as he and Ali were introduced into the reception.

During the months of wedding planning and preparation, Ali and James decided to include supporting cancer research in their special day. Not only has Ali had her own melanoma scare, both of her grandmothers died of cancer. James has also had a family member pass away from cancer.

“On a day of celebration that is primarily focused around two people who are given so much love and attention, we wanted a meaningful reminder that it wasn’t just all about us.”

“It was a good decision to make a donation to ACRF on behalf of our wedding guests. Everyone understood the significance of the ACRF ribbons and favour cards on the reception tables, and now some of our friends are also going to donate to cancer research as part of their wedding favours.”