A picturesque setting for a marathon challenge

Cancer fundraising, Cancer Fun RunIn a “moment of madness” supporter Rob Turner signed up for the Great Ocean Road Marathon. This stunning place in Australia hosts a marathon festival each year with record entries flowing in for 2012, the spectacular course seems to spur people on to take up the challenge of a marathon. Along with Rob were team Lorne Long Strides featuring Gabby, Emma, Eliza, Stephanie and Jessica, fundraising for cancer research.

This group of supporters felt that doing cancer fundraising alongside their challenging run would “make it more worthwhile” and chose to support the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) specifically because of the impact of cancer in their lives through their friends and family. In particular for Rob, the operations and treatment his father has received through his cancer battle are “purely a testament to organizations like [ACRF] who work tirelessly to find a cure to cancer”.

With ideal weather over the course, huge numbers turned out to take part in the races over the weekend. With the generosity of their family and friends spurring them on to the finish our supporters completed the marathon challenge. Despite a mid-race hamstring injury, Rob managed to limp across the finish line, and though the time was not what he was hoping for it was still an “inspiring and satisfying experience”.

The ACRF would like to thank Rob, Gabby, Emma, Eliza, Stephanie and Jessica for their fantastic support of cancer research and congratulate them on completing the marathon! We would also like to extend our thanks to all their generous supporters who helped to raise over $2000!

If you’re interested in taking on a marathon challenge or another sporting event for charity, check out our list of upcoming events.