Will attempts to break Guinness World Record at Blackmores Running Festival

Australia cancer researchWill Bond took on the 2017 City2Surf, running 14km in a full Chinese Lion Dance costume raising over $5,000 for cancer research.

Now, Will is taking on a whole new challenge by pushing limits and competing for a Guinness World Record at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival this 17 September 2017.

“I am running the Sydney Blackmores Marathon on the 17 September 2017, and as a mark of respect and memory to my Kung Fu Sifu (at Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy Australia) who recently passed away from cancer, I will set the world record for FASTEST MARATHON RUN IN A KUNG FU UNIFORM!!”

Will is running this in the official Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy uniform, including black Jow Ga tunic, full length black Kung Fu pants, a black belt, and black Kung Fu training shoes. Note: these shoes are not made for running! They are very thin, canvas shoes. Will, we bow down to you!

“Sifu Randy Sullivan Bennett was (and always will be) an amazing person who brought so much energy and vibrancy into the world. He was a teacher, mentor, Kung Fu Master, and good friend… Every time I practice Kung Fu I will feel his energy there watching over us all (and silently correcting our forms)!

I want to be able to do anything I possibly can to help the fight against cancer, and to help people who have cancer in any possible way!”