2004 Life Members announced

ACRF Chairman Tom Dery recently presented ACRF Life Memberships to Evan Cameron, Gilles Kryger, Helen Kerr, and Professor Ron Penny.

About our new life members…

A founding member and trustee of the ACRF, Mr Evan Cameron played an invaluable role during the formative stages of the Foundation. He assisted the ACRF’s legal team in the drafting of their Memorandum and Articles, compiled the applications that led to the ACRF being granted approval to act as a Charity under the Act, and established the accounting and financial reporting systems for the Foundation. During his 20 years of service as a Trustee, he oversaw all system changes and approved all final reports before their submission to the board and the regulatory authorities. He acted as Deputy for Sir Peter Abeles on many occasions and was instrumental in introducing a number of corporate sponsorships that assisted the ACRF to establish a firm financial footing. Evan dedicated a tremendous amount of time to the Foundation, and richly deserves this life membership.

Mr Gilles Kryger was a founding member and trustee of the Foundation, and the ‘backbone’ of the ACRF’s finance and investments for two decades. He helped establish the Foundation’s income investment policy, and was a member of the original Finance and Investment Committee, alongside Sir Peter Abeles and Evan Cameron. He accepted the role as chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee, a position he held for the next 20 years until retirement as a trustee. Gilles also plated a crucial role in attracting corporate sponsors to the Foundation. He always gave freely of his time and the ACRF benefited greatly from his finance ability and wisdom.

Mrs Helen Kerr became Executive Director of the Foundation in the late 1980s. At that stage, the Foundation was a fledgling organisation with aspirations of operating nationally. It was however initially constrained by the lobbying of other cancer charities, which wanted to prevent the Foundation from fundraising outside of NSW. Fiercely determined, Helen managed to overcome all obstacles, and to grow the Foundation into one of Australia’s leading charities, and one that continues to play a vital role in the funding nationally of leading edge cancer research. An excellent administrator and Executive Director, Helen played an important role in bring to the ACRF a number of individuals and organisations who provide pro bono assistance. Her enthusiasm, tenacity and tireless contribution were second to none, and the Board of Trustees has warmly embraced her nomination to life membership.

The name of Professor Ron Penny is synonymous with excellence in science in Australia. Professor Penny is held in very high regard and has acted in an advisory capacity to governments for many years. He played a crucial role in helping the Foundation establish its place in the cancer research funding area, and he worked closely with Sir Peter Abeles and Lady McMahon in guiding the ACRF in the direction of the unique position it now holds. He was a member of the ACRF’s Medical Research Advisory Committee for many years and assumed the Chairman’s position after Athol Lykke and before Mathew Vadas today. He was also the Program Leader when St Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney) received the Foundation’s first ever grant ($1million in 1987) to help establish the Centre for Immunology at the hospital.

Previously honoured ACRF life members:

  • Mrs Barbara Mackay-Cruise
  • Emeritus Professor A.W.J. Lykke
  • Mrs Joy Annand