Beautiful Lovey

My name is Karen and I live on the NSW South Coast. I am a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of four. My interests are op-shopping and treasure-hunting for interesting vintage collectables. I also like to revamp and repurpose discarded furniture and other household items, but I especially love vintage fabrics and linens.

The impact of cancer motivated me to take action when we lost my dear mum, Ann, to cancer six years ago. We all know someone who is impacted or directly affected by cancer – it touches all of us. I found out about ACRF from a local cancer support group volunteer who helped my mum regularly. I believe research is the key to finding fair dinkum cures and funding that research is vital. 

Beautiful Lovey, my shop, began as a tribute to my mum. It was a phrase she and my dad used to express gratitude to each other – “beautiful dinner, lovey!”

I get my love of ‘old stuff’ from my mum, I grew up being content with second-hand items and I’m still the same today. I believe there’s enough stuff in the world and I much prefer to rescue and reclaim reloved materials rather than purchasing brand new. I sell my items such as aprons, bunting, cushion covers, market totes and reusable produce bags in my etsy and pop up shop. 

I decided to donate 10% of my sales to ACRF as it allows me to make regular contributions and highlight the cause more often. I thank my customers for their contribution by letting them know this amount goes directly to ACRF. We also requested donations for ACRF at mum’s funeral in place of flowers, and at our wedding in place of gifts.

I’d like to take this opportunity to cheer on my best friend from school, Liz, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer also.

Losing my mum was devastating and to see her suffer and fight so bravely has strengthened my resolve to continue to support vital cancer research because until a cure is found we will continue to lose people we love.

ACRF would like to thank Karen for her dedication to supporting cancer research. You are truly helping to make a positive impact in the lives of so many touched by this disease. We wish you, and your friend Liz, all the best.