ACRF connects with CancerAid: The app that assists cancer patients and their caregivers

Anxiety and fear. From the very first moment after a cancer diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, these are some highly experienced emotional responses recorded by people living with cancer.

Initially, there is often little time to process the shock and suddenness of a diagnosis, especially whilst having to make highly stressful decisions about which course of treatment to take.
In the months following the initial diagnosis, most patients find it difficult to absorb and retain information with so much going on.

The CancerAid app was designed to alleviate anxiety and fear. Developed and launched after a comprehensive amount of research, the app’s features are based on expert advice and patient interviews.

Two oncologists listened to patients expressing these emotions whilst working in a cancer centre in Sydney. They wanted to find a way to empower their patients, and allow them autonomy and control over their care.

The free app CancerAid offers access to personalised, medically reliable information about cancer, treatments and what to expect. Patients can track and share symptoms, feelings and appointments, nominate friends and family for support, access reliable cancer research updates and connect with a community of fellow patients and caregivers. This is all done in the patient’s own time, and on their terms.

The app empowers patients to keep loved ones and doctors up to date with their care needs more efficiently, so that their treatment can be done in the most effective way possible.

The app is continuously developed by healthcare professionals and an in-house team of experienced developers and designers who invite patients to give them feedback on how the app can improve.

ACRF and CancerAid

ACRF is pleased to connect with CancerAid to support our community and those affected by cancer.

CancerAid has assisted more than 20 000 patients with managing their cancer diagnosis.

This immense recognition has led to the app being ranked number one in the US, UK and Australian app store, and being given accolades by Steve Wozniak of Apple, and Sir Richard Branson. CancerAid has also won one of the largest deals in Shark Tank History.

Benefits of the app

Today, it is highly evident that tracking symptoms and activities can result in health benefits. Recent research reveals that cancer patients who track symptoms contribute to improved personal outcomes.

A study recently presented at ASCO, the world’s largest cancer conference, revealed that people with cancer who record their symptoms during treatment and share them with their doctors, enjoy a better quality of life, are less likely to be admitted to hospital, and most remarkably, have a better chance of survival. Basch at al (2017).

It’s no surprise to the CancerAid team that the most used feature is the in-app community where patients and caregivers are encouraged to share their stories to support others.

Isolation is a common feeling amongst patients. In the in-app community, CancerAid allows individuals to connect with others going through similar experiences. It’s no surprise to the CancerAid team that this is the most used feature. The community and symptom manager has been received as a comforting resource where patients and caregivers can express their experience with symptoms, treatments and changes to their lives.

The CancerAid app is available for free to download and use on Android and Apple devices.
If you, or someone close to you, are diagnosed with cancer and you wish to use the app, Click Here


Basch at al (2017). Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment. JAMA, 318(2), p.197.