Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) has been able to consistently support world-class cancer research projects across Australia.

We know there are some supporters who are in a position to make a significant contribution to cancer research but we often hear that navigating the complex cancer research landscape can be a challenge.

The ACRF Impact Philanthropy initiative is an opportunity for donors to leverage globally renowned cancer research expertise and make a significant contribution towards life-changing, breakthrough research.

We believe that with access to Impact Philanthropy, donors can effectively de-risk their selection process for giving to cancer research.

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Cancer researchers around Australia rely heavily on philanthropic funding to gain access to capital equipment – ACRF is a major provider in this under-resourced area.

ACRF has a 35-year history of funding research into the prevention, detection and treatment of all types of cancer. ACRF funds projects from applications received Australia wide.

Watch our 2020 Impact Philanthropy launch event for more information.

The process for contributing to the Impact Philanthropy initiative is as follows:

Request a copy of Impact Philanthropy

Request a copy of our comprehensive document via this page and get a detailed understanding of ACRF, projects available for funding and the potential impact we anticipate from these breakthrough projects.

Select the cancer research project you’d like to fund

The Impact Philanthropy initiative uniquely allows donors to select the specific cancer research project they’d like their funding to support. Each year new projects will be added.

Keep up to date with the project you’ve funded

As a contributor to a particular project you will receive ongoing reporting, up to date news and invitations to access the research you’ve funded first hand.

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ACRF Child Cancer Liquid Biopsy Program (CCLBP)

Enable the use of blood tests for high risk childhood cancer patients to improve diagnosis, predict relapse and better personalise treatments.

ACRF Program for Resolving Cancer Complexity and Therapeutic Resistance (PRCCTR)

Discover what causes cancers to evade and resist treatments.

Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging & Diagnosis (ACEMID)

Enable the earlier and more exact detection of Melanoma through the use of 3D body imaging systems.

ACRF Facility for Innovative Drug Discovery (FIDD)

Accelerate new cancer drug development, using 3D technology.

ACRF Oncology Alliance for the Science of Integrated Survivorship Centre (OASIS)

Discovery of new care programs that, once implemented, will improve the physical and mental health of cancer survivors.

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Request your copy of our Impact Philanthropy Brochure