Gifts in Will FAQs

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  • What type of gifts can I leave in my Will?

    Whole or part of your estate, is when you choose to leave your entire estate to ACRF. Those without dependents are choosing this exceptionally generous option. 

    A residual gift is when you leave a portion of your estate to ACRF. It is commonly stated as a percentage of your estate residue, or the amount that remains after providing for your loved ones and expenses. This allows for growth in the value of your estate. 

    A percentage gift is when you choose to leave a percentage of the overall value of your estate which again allows for growth in the value of your estate. 

    Pecuniary gift is when you choose to leave a specific amount of money to ACRF. While these gifts are greatly appreciated, they do not allow for changes in circumstances or inflation. 

    A gift is when you specify an item such as real estate, shares or a particular item. 

    Please consider that collections of art or jewellery or wines etc. will incur auction costs to the charity which will diminish the overall value of the gift.  

  • Is there specific wording I need to use?

    Yes, please see below for ACRF Will wording:

    “I give to Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ABN 27 076 461 360) of Suite 903, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000 for the purposes of funding world class cancer research, free from all taxes and duties, (here please specify your gift, e.g. the residue of my estate, XX% of the residue of my estate or the sum of $XXX). I direct that the receipt of any director or other proper officer for the time being of that Foundation will be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees.”

  • Should I tell ACRF about my Bequest?

    If you wish to leave a gift to ACRF in your Will, we invite you to share your intentions with us so we can showcase the progress you’ll support. We would also love the opportunity to thank you personally.  

    We understand that this is a very personal decision and will respect your privacy should you wish to remain anonymous.  

  • Can ACRF be my Executor or Power of attorney?

    No . ACRF is unable to act as an Executor or Power of Attorney. There are a number of reasons for this; there could be a risk of perceived undue influence if your Will is contested for any reason and the time required to be Executor for a Will has the potential to outweigh any benefit.  

  • What is ACRF’s legal name and address?

    Australian Cancer Research Foundation

    ABN 27 076 461 360

    Suite 903, 50 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000

  • Can I specify what type of cancer my gift goes to?

    Your gift will be used to support research into ALL types of cancer in medical research institutes, universities and hospitals across Australia.  We ensure that your contribution is assigned to projects that meet the ACRF standards of excellence for research grant funding, and that the best and boldest research across Australia will receive your support.  Should you have a particular desire, please talk to the ACRF team. 

  • Can I leave my Superannuation and/or my Life Insurance?

    Yes, you can leave either / both as a gift. However, Superannuation and Life Insurance do not automatically form part of your estate. We recommend you speak to a legal professional about how you could incorporate your Superannuation and/or Life Insurance in your Will.  

  • Should I discuss my Will with my family and close friends?

    We suggest you share your intentions with the people close to you and let them know that cancer research is important to you. This can help ensure your Will takes effect as you intend it to.  

  • What about tax?

    Your Bequest may be exempt from capital gains tax (CGT) if it includes shares, property, or other assets that are liable for CGT. Talk to your solicitor or financial adviser to find out how this may apply to you.  

    There are no inheritance taxes or death duties payable in Australia. 

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    Please contact our Planned Giving Manager Jo Meredith on 1300 884 988 or email bequests@acrf.com.au. 

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