Loved Australian figures, Janine Allis and Pia Miranda, have joined Team ACRF as ambassadors for the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10&5K.
Both Janine and Pia love fitness and the outdoors, and have been personally impacted by cancer, making this event and ACRF’s cause one very close to their hearts.
ACRF is so honoured to have Janine and Pia join us for this special event and look forward to raising essential funds for cancer research together.
  • Janine Allis

    Janine is a renowned international businesswoman, author and speaker best known for founding the award-winning enterprise, Boost Juice. Janine has appeared as a judge and competitor on reality TV shows including Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice and Australian Survivor. She has won a number of notable awards such as the Australian Business Woman of the Year and My Business Readers Choice award, both in 2004.

    "There's probably not one person on the planet that hasn't been affected by cancer in one form or another. Even though it's just one day out of your life [the Sydney Harbour 10&5k race], it can actually make the difference of whether we get a cure quicker or not." - Janine

  • Pia Miranda

    Pia is a world-renowned actor and media star, much loved for her breakout role in the 2000 feature film - Looking for Alibrandi. The role established Pia's place in Australian film and TV history, and her work was recognised by the Australian Film Institute (AFI) when she was awarded Best Actress at the AFI Awards in 2000. Pia was the winner of Australian Survivior in 2009 and continues to dominate screens in a number of film and TV lead roles.

    "It's important for me to support cancer research because cancer is everywhere, and I'm not immune - it could happen to me or anyone in my family. I've had friends and family diagnosed, so anything I can do to help is really important to me. If we can make even a bit of a difference, that would be incredible." - Pia

  • What your donations have achieved

    Cervical cancer vaccine

    We gave initial seed funding to Professor Ian Frazer’s research into the cervical cancer (HPV). Over 150 million doses of vaccine have been delivered worldwide to date.

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  • What your donations have achieved

    The pill that melts away cancer

    Our long term support of cancer research at WEHI has led to a treatment that melts away certain advanced forms of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. It has been approved for clinical use in the US, European Union and Australia and is being trialed for other types of cancer.

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  • What your donations have achieved

    Personalised cancer diagnosis

    In 2015, we awarded $10 million seed funding to an ambitious cancer proteome project that aims to provide each cancer patient a personalised treatment plan within 36 hours. This will improve treatment outcomes and help avoid unnecessary treatments.

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  • What your donations have achieved

    Zero childhood cancer

    We are one of the founding partners of the initiative that will tackle the most serious cases of infant, childhood and adolescent cancer in Australia. It is a key step towards the program vision of one day helping to cure 100% of children with cancer.

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