Cancer shouldn't be allowed to tell us when time is up

"She’d always say,
I wish I’d known you sooner…
that was all we ever wanted –
just a little more time."

Raphael, a young woman diagnosed with bowel cancer, smiles as she takes a selfie.

"All that’s left to say is that I loved Raphael very much and I always will. I would do anything to have her back. But since I can’t, I will remain a very strong advocate for research and early detection."

- Clint, Raphael's husband

Regular giving is one of the most powerful ways you can support cancer research. Monthly donations help us plan for the future and make significant long-term impacts for people diagnosed with cancer.

Your monthly donation will fund the boldest research into the prevention, detection, and treatment of all cancer types. You can give hope to people diagnosed, and their loved ones, that one day we’ll be able to outsmart this disease. 

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Together we can accelerate significant breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment by providing world-class scientists with the equipment they need to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

  • Your donations help us arm the brightest brains on earth with the tools they need to better understand, diagnose and treat cancer.

  • Using an automated cell separator, scientists can spot tumour cells hiding among normal ones, discovering what makes them different and how to eradicate them.

  • With an automated cell counter, scientists can sort through millions of cells in a second, figuring out which new treatments work

  • A mass spectrometer shows scientists the difference in fat and sugar levels between cancerous and normal cells, helping to better treat patients.

  • Help equip the brightest minds on the planet with the tools they need to outsmart cancer for good.

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Cancer has become the number one
cause of death

1 in 3 Australian men will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 75.

Cancer is the leading cause of death of children by disease.

1 in 4 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 75.


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