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“Suddenly my life wasn’t my own. I hadn’t even got a diagnosis and already it felt like the hospital was in charge of my life. Then I got the diagnosis, and all I could think was, Why me? I’m 38 with three children – but cancer just doesn’t discriminate”

Naomi's Story

your support allows us to back the brightest minds with the boldest ideas in cancer research

From large machines to small vaccines, ACRF funds the technology, equipment and infrastructure that power lifesaving cancer research.



Cervical cancer vaccine

We gave the initial seed funding to Professor Ian Frazer’s research into the development of a cervical cancer vaccine. The vaccine has now been administered to millions globally.

The pill that melts away cancer

ACRF’s long term support of cancer research at Walter & Eliza Hall Institute has seen the support of a revolutionary treatment that melts away certain advanced forms of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. This treatment is currently being trialed for the improved treatment of lung and prostate cancers.


ACRF’s major grant of 2018 supported the ACRF Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis (ACEMID). The project supporting the vision of a ‘world without melanoma’ is aiming to be one the largest melanoma surveillance and early detection programs in the world.

Zero childhood cancer

The program name is also the aim. Focusing on children across Australia diagnosed with the most high-risk cancers, this world-first personalised medicine program already has over 400 children enrolled. The ultimate aim of the program is to see zero deaths from childhood cancer.


$ 165 M
Over $165 million awarded in grants
Ground-breaking research projects
Research institutes supported across Australia
$1- 10 M
All grants awarded are between $1 million and $10 million

Your generosity means ACRF can continue to back bold ideas that lead to breakthroughs and discoveries that help each individual diagnosed with this complex and disruptive disease.

You can read some of their stories below.

Your support helps ACRF provide world-class scientists with the technology, equipment and infrastructure they need to develop better prevention, earlier detection and more effective treatment across all cancer types.

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