ACRF celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) is almost at an end, and ACRF would like to acknowledge the increased awareness, resources for patient care, and vital research that have been enhanced by some fantastic pink-themed fundraising over the last few weeks.

“Research and more research is the key to defeating cancer,” says Chief Executive, Mr David Brettell.

“Since the ACRF was established in 1984 we have given 16 multi-million dollar grants to research that is investigating preventative, diagnostic and/or treatment methods for breast cancer.”

“The grants that ACRF has awarded to breast cancer research are already making significant breakthroughs into defeating this terrible disease.”

In July, for example, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne discovered a new anti-cancer agent that targets and neutralises Bcl-2 “pro-survival” proteins, which are found at high levels in up to 70% of breast cancers.

Meanwhile, in Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney has found a way to “silence” a molecule which transmits biochemical signals between breast cancer cells and healthy cells, encouraging breast cancer cells to spread.

Every new discovery brings us closer to defeating cancer.

To know more about how ACRF funds are working towards the fight against breast cancer – as well as all other types of cancer – please click here.