Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide. It has a devastating impact on those diagnosed and the people around them.

What is breast cancer awareness month?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held annually in October. It aims to raise awareness and generate support for breast cancer by raising much needed funds to improve it’s diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

This month also serves as a reminder to women to put their health first and get regular check ups for breast cancer.

How you can support breast cancer awareness month

There are a number of ways you can get involved and support breast cancer awareness month. Some ideas include;

  • Spreading awareness by adding a touch of pink to your wardrobe throughout the month to help start a conversation 
  • Using social media or engaging in conversations with your friends or family and using these platforms to talk about breast cancer, the impact of it and the importance of regular check ups 
  • Getting involved in a charity walk or run that raises money for breast cancer 
  • Making a donation to a cancer research charity such as ACRF, who are committed to improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

How ACRF is contributing to Breast Cancer research

“Research and more research is the key to defeating cancer,” says Chief Executive, Mr David Brettell.

“Since ACRF was established in 1984 we have given 16 multi-million dollar grants to research that is investigating preventative, diagnostic and/or treatment methods for breast cancer.”

“The research projects and grants that ACRF has awarded to breast cancer research are already making significant breakthroughs into defeating this terrible disease.”

An example of our contributions to breast cancer research is our grant to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne which discovered a new anti-cancer agent that targets and neutralises Bcl-2 “pro-survival” proteins, which are found at high levels in up to 70% of breast cancers.

Another major breakthrough achieved by ACRF funding into breast cancer was a major study conducted by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute which led to a team of researchers at this Institute discovering at least 12 new genes that influence the risk of developing breast cancer.

Meanwhile, in Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney has found a way to “silence” a molecule which transmits biochemical signals between breast cancer cells and healthy cells, encouraging breast cancer cells to spread.

Every new discovery brings us closer to defeating cancer.

Make a donation to ACRF this Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a meaningful way and make a donation to ACRF. We believe that surviving cancer shouldn’t be up to chance. When you make a donation to ACRF, you will help to outsmart cancer for good.