How To Raise Funds For Cancer Research

There are many ways you can help to  support ACRF and their mission to reach a world without cancer. For some, supporting a great cause such as cancer research means hosting events or taking on a challenge– but for others, a donation is best suited.

Choosing to fundraise for ACRF means enabling the best cancer researchers in Australia to fast-track discoveries and ultimately – improve outcomes for those diagnosed with this complex disease. Despite improvements in patient outcomes, cancer continues to have a significant and often devastating impact. Reducing this impact is not an easy task, which is why raising money to fund cancer research is vital

Host your own event  

Before you begin

Before setting off on your fundraising journey, please ensure you read through and understand the Fundraising Guidelines. It is the fundraiser’s responsibility that they have read and understood the fundraising guidelines.

If you have set up an online fundraising page, you will be issued an Authority to Fundraise for ACRF via a digital platform i.e., Everyday Hero, Go Fundraise, Grassrootz, Just Giving. Please note, this is only for online fundraising.

If you are raising funds offline (cash donations, barbeque, gala ball, raffle, dinner night), please ensure you have notified ACRF of your event, including a description of how you will raise funds. You must be issued with an Authority to Fundraise from the ACRF office prior to moving forward with your fundraiser. Please contact us if you are unsure if you have this.

The event or fundraiser must meet the requirements of relevant State and/or Territory laws and regulations, and it is the responsibility of the fundraiser to obtain any permits and licences that may be required. We do not provide legal advice regarding compliance with these laws and regulations. Each State has varied regulations regarding raffles. It is the fundraiser’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of the extensive guidelines regarding this type of fundraising.

Get registered

Before you begin, you’ll need to register your details with ACRF so we can provide you with a letter of authority to fundraise on our behalf at your event. Once authorised, you’ll receive our full support throughout your fundraising journey to ensure your event is a fantastic success!

Your own personalised digital fundraising page is one of the best ways to manage your fundraising efforts and connect your family, friends and local community with your initiative. Connect with ACRF’s digital community of fundraisers.

Getting started with your fundraising initiative

Getting started is the fun part! Holding a fundraising event can be one of the most rewarding ways to show your support for ACRF and cancer research. It can be difficult to decide how to fundraise or create a fundraising event. Some great ideas include; running in a fun run, holding a bake sale at your work or school, creating a trivia night with your friends or even – competing in a triathlon! Any activity or event that is a challenge is often one of the best ways to raise funds for cancer research. 

There are so many more creative ways to fundraise for ACRF. If you’re stuck for ideas see our A-Z list of fundraising ideas.

Build a fundraising page 

Once you have determined how you would like to fundraise, the next step is to build your own fundraising page. It is a quick and easy process, allowing your friends, family and peers  to donate easily. 

Your fundraising page will track your fundraising amount and goal, which is a great way to build interest for your fundraising target. It is easy to share with your friends and family, and collates all your information in one singular page. You can learn more about this here.

Plan your event 

We are here to assist you in planning your fundraising event or challenge. It is very important to make sure you have everything that is needed to make your event a memorable one. Download our free fundraising kit, which includes an easy-to-use guide, invitation templates, posters, budget trackers, digital banners and social media content. 

If you have any questions, need support with your event or would like ACRF promotional materials, contact us on 1300 884 988 or email fundraising@acrf.com.au.

Spread the word

We want your fundraising experience to be exciting and fun for you and your supporters. Here are some fundraising tips, to help you get the word out:

·        Share YOUR story. Cancer affects us all. 1 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The remaining 2 will be closely affected by a diagnosis. Tell your community why you’re fundraising.

·        Back yourself and GIVE to your own page! Set yourself as an example and show how much you care.

·        Make the MOST of social media. Share and reshare your fundraising page. Regularly post pictures on socials to keep your supporters up to date with your progress. Don’t forget to always include a link to your donation page!

Execute & Donate

Once you have completed your challenge or finished the event, circulate a post-event update for your supporters to see how it went. This could be sharing some pictures from the day, or highlighting the achievement of completing the event. If your fundraising target was not reached, you can always circulate the link to your fundraising page again, and remind supporters how much of your target remains. 

Be sure to thank your supporters for their contributions and let them know the impact of their donations in backing brilliant cancer research. Finally, ensure all donations are collated and given to ACRF. If donations were made through your fundraising page, this is all done automatically, however if you have any cash donations, please call us on 1300 884 988 or email fundraising@acrf.com.au, for assistance. 

Donate to cancer research

If hosting an event to fundraise for cancer isn’t your cup of tea, you can always donate to cancer research in different ways

Support sports

Local marathons and community fun runs are a great way to get fit and provide supporters with a challenge through which they can raise funds for breakthrough cancer research.

Whether you’re competing as part of a team or individually, it’s as simple as registering for the event and asking your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you. With our team on hand to lend advice for both your training and fundraising, you will be sure to triumph because we’re in this together, to reach a world without cancer.You can read more at: Join A Charity Fun Run, Marathon, Or Fitness Fundraiser.

Shave, cut or colour your hair 

Shave, cut or colour your hair and dedicate it to a loved one and/or cancer research. Shaving raises money for all cancers, and is a great way to show your support for cancer research. Learn more about shaving your head for cancer research.


Volunteering is a positive and inspiring way to help ACRF. All you need is enthusiasm, positivity and dedication. As a volunteer, you play a central role in helping our team to be the most effective it can be.

Volunteering with ACRF also provides an opportunity to make new friends and build a network, all while knowing you are helping make a difference in the lives of those impacted by cancer. Learn more at: Volunteer To Support Cancer Research

Every fundraiser helps back brilliant cancer research

Fundraising for ACRF is the best way to help bring us closer to a world without this devastating disease. Raising funds enables leading researchers to access the technology and equipment they need to find new and improved ways to prevent, detect and treat ALL types of cancer.