Meet our team


  • Kerry Strydom

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kerry brings passion and commitment to lead the small team for high impact. She calls on experience from her corporate career which spanned business functions and international locations, including over a decade in clinical research. Kerry is now dedicated to advancing pioneering cancer research, bringing new solutions to people impacted by cancer.​

  • Ian Brown

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr Ian Brown has extensive international executive experience in both business and research. Dr Brown, as former ACRF CEO, brings considerable knowledge to assist the team with grant management and technical communications. Ian’s history of research into the prevention of colorectal cancer, having supported family and colleagues, attracted him to the importance of ACRF’s unique mission.

  • Cheryl Riddington

    Executive Assistant

    Cheryl is the executive assistant and ACRF office manager. She ably coordinates the grant application process, governance, and keeps the office humming and happy. Cheryl is inspired by the real difference that ACRF is making, the world-class standard of grants, and the humbling stories our supporters share with us.​

  • Siddique Abu


    Siddique is the ACRF Accountant, conducting financial transactions, reporting and performance analysis.
    Siddique finds contentment in bringing together his professional skills as an accountant and relationships to help fund world-class cancer research. ​


  • Emma Vincent

    Head of Donor Engagement

    Emma has worked in fundraising across different Australian charities and agencies for almost 20 years, with a specialised focus in individual giving, philanthropy and donor engagement. She has a passion for creating integrated fundraising campaigns and sharing stories that emphasise how vital our supporters are in helping to bring us closer to a world without cancer. Emma leads a dedicated team at ACRF that work closely with our generous donors to help Back Brilliant cancer research.

  • Lee Christian

    Planned Giving Manager​

    Lee provides support and guidance to those who are considering including a gift in their Will to the ACRF. A highlight of Lee’s work is meeting and interacting with ACRF supporters. Lee gives presentations to Senior Groups, meets with supporters, and enjoys spreading the message of the vital impact that bequests can have in backing brilliant research.​

  • Victoria Bonsey

    Philanthropy Manager - National Lead

    Victoria brings considerable philanthropy expertise to team ACRF. With a love for making a lasting, positive impact on Australian communities, she has over 20 years of experience working in charities. Victoria’s aptitude for relationship management helps individuals, or trusts and foundations find a suitable fit for their donations, in turn helping to back brilliant ideas which help save lives.​

  • Liz Wilson

    Philanthropy and Engagement Manager

    Liz has worked for not-for-profit organisations in the arts and health for many years. She has a passion for working in areas that provide meaningful engagement with the community and seeks to engage with people to make a positive change. In her role, Liz manages estates with bequests to ACRF and assists our amazing donors who choose to honour ACRF with a gift in their Will. ​

  • Anna Stoddart​

    Donor Engagement Assistant

    Anna supports ACRF's donor relations team, connecting one-on-one with our valued donors and ensuring they feel thanked and appreciated for their contributions. She loves the opportunity to listen to our supporters' stories and is passionate about sharing our work with them. Anna is inspired by how far we've come as an organisation, and the monumental outcomes in cancer research made possible by our wonderful donors.​


  • Melanie Tully​

    Head of Partnerships and Community Fundraising

    Mel leads the Partnerships and Community Fundraising programs at ACRF. She believes strongly in the power of purpose-led collaboration and enjoys working with our partners to create shared value programs which engage employees and consumers, whilst raising funds for ACRF. Mel is also passionate about inspiring the ACRF community to raise funds through the development of innovative and engaging fundraising initiatives. ​

  • Holly Dare

    Community Fundraising Coordinator

    Holly looks after all our amazing fundraisers participating in sports events and those cutting, colouring or shaving their hair for ACRF. She has a passion for providing great donor experiences and ensuring people have the right tools and resources to help make their fundraising challenges a reality. Holly loves empowering our fundraisers to smash their goals and raise vital funds for cutting-edge cancer research.

  • Isabella Hill

    Partnerships Coordinator​

    Isabella works with a focus on Corporate Fundraising Activities and Workplace Giving Initiatives. At ACRF, Isabella works to build and maintain relationships with all different types of organisations across Australia. She is passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and informing current and future partners of the incredible, groundbreaking research we fund and the tangible benefit of working with us. ​


  • Deborah Warner

    Head of Supporter Service and Data Operations

    Deborah manages the ACRF’s fundraising appeals and our database. She loves nothing more than developing appeal campaigns that inspire and motivate existing and new supporters. The beauty of Deborah’s role is that it brings out the best in both sides of her personality: her social side enjoys communicating with our loyal and regular supporters, whilst her ‘geeky’ side loves poring over data and numbers in our database, Salesforce.

  • Michael Ow

    Systems Services Coordinator​

    Michael provides support to team ACRF regarding Salesforce and data, including training and troubleshooting system requirements. He's process-driven and passionate about efficiency and getting the team working effectively with information and various systems. Michael empowers the team to help show our generous donors the impact they are making.​

  • Anney Trinh

    Donations Administrator

    Anney finds happiness processing data and is motivated by the generosity of our loyal supporters. With a keen eye for numbers, Anney processes donations and provides administrative support to our generous donors.

  • Dominique Azocar​

    Donor Service Administrator

    Dominique is passionate about connecting with our donors and their stories. She helps with the processing of donations and provides services support. Dominique loves the opportunity to make a positive impact on the wider community by helping to fund cutting-edge cancer research.

  • Kaitlin Riddington

    Donor Admin Assistant

    Kaitlin enjoys assisting Team ACRF to help make a difference in the lives of people with cancer. Kaitlin is inspired by the vital research that is being funded into all cancers thanks to the support of our donors.

Marketing, Communications and Digital Team​

  • Carly du Toit

    Head of Marketing, Communications and Digital

    Carly leads the marketing and communications activity at ACRF. She’s passionate about delivering engaging, outcomes-focused donor communications and helping tell the stories of all the people who contribute to the extraordinary world of ACRF. Carly has the privilege of building ongoing relationships with our grant recipients and seeing firsthand the impact of our supporters' generous contributions.

  • Lucy Butler

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

    Lucy is a digital marketing professional who has experience in both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. She has a passion for writing, and combines her interest with skills in digital marketing, to deliver targeted marketing campaigns with impact. Lucy is dedicated to using her skills and experience to encourage donations from our generous ACRF supporters, and in-turn accelerate the pace of life-saving cancer research.

  • Isabelle Dunster

    Communications and Content Coordinator

    Isabelle supports the marketing and communications team at ACRF. With a background in Public Relations, she enjoys sharing ACRF's story through social media, events and strategic marketing initiatives. Isabelle is motivated by the impact of ACRF's commitment to accelerating cancer research.

  • Sarah Holmes

    Graphic Designer

    Sarah is a passionate and creative graphic designer. She supports team ACRF by bringing the brand to life through meaningful, impactful, and original visual communications. Sarah is excited to bring the brilliant stories of ACRF to the main stage and showcase the impact of donor support.