Make regular charity donations and become a Partner in the Cure!

Aussies are renowned for being very generous and those who decide to make regular charity donations to cancer research are part of a VIP group of ACRF supporters known as “Partners in the Cure”.

Their generous monthly donation allows us to plan for a stable and supportive future for some of the best cancer researchers in Australia. These regular charity donations are helping us to fight cancer for patients (and their families) of this generation and the next.

Our Partners in the Cure are part of the ACRF family and many have decided to join our cause by providing their monthly donations in memory of a loved one they have lost.

For example, loyal supporter, David Archer, made an enduring commitment to the ACRF when his wife Danielle was diagnosed with a rare head cancer.

Danielle sadly passed away from this terrible disease in 2011 and David has continued to support the ACRF through monthly donations, amongst of the fundraising initiatives, in the memory of his late wife.

“Danielle inspired so many during her brave fight against cancer. To honour her memory, I have made a life-time commitment to actively support Australian researchers in their search for the cures,” said David.

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If you’re interested making a monthly donation to the ACRF you can register online here. Select the ‘regular giving’ option, click next, and follow the prompts.

If you would like to discuss your circumstances with ACRF before you commit to your regular charity donations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.