All in the Family – Tammy Waughman

It was a real family affair for ACRF supporter Tammy Waughman, who recently completed the St George Melbourne Marathon for cancer research with a bit of help and inspiration from her dad and uncle.

In talking about her reasons for taking part in the marathon Tammy told ACRF that “Cancer has hit my family pretty hard in the past few years, most recently my dad’s brother Andy. It was like a bomb had landed into our worlds.”

“He has been through so many tough times and so much pain, and treatment and his determination and zest for life is just phenomenal.

“His strength has given me drive to do this, along with my beautiful dad who has been my rock and who I have cheered on at so many marathons, so this charity is one that is very close to my heart.”

Waughman said both her father, a former marathon runner, and uncle had helped her with her training, offering her tips and encouragement. “I’m a very lucky girl”, she added.

Tammy also revealed why she is pictured with tears running down her face as she completed the marathon.

“No it was not that I was exhausted.” she laughed.

”It was because I listening to some music for some inspiration as I ran the marathon and as I entered the MCG a song that my Dad was involved in came on my iPod.”

Tammy explained her father John Waughman, known better in music circles as “Johnny Warman”, was a well-known musician in the UK and had recorded a song with international superstar Peter Gabriel on vocals 1983 which was a hit in around the world.

“You can say that Peter Gabriel helped me to help the ACRF,” laughed the marathon runner.

Tammy said she had discovered the “great work and progress” of the ACRF surfing the Internet.

“What was wonderful about getting involved with you guys was the support I got from ACRF staff,” she said.

“In particular Claire McArthur sent me some really positive messages encouraging during training and this kept me going.”

Waughman said the marathon ‘bug’ had now beaten her.

“For me it does not stop there, I am now entering the Great Australian Run, so I will be setting up another sponsor page and aiming for the stars. That race is on the 29th November,” she said.

“A friend suggested I donate my run to another organization but I am sticking with the ACRF. Why leave a good thing?”

Thank you Tammy for all of your hard work and continuous support of the ACRF.