Centre for Immunology & Cancer Research (CICR)

  • Research Institute: Diamantina Institute, University of Queensland

  • Amount granted: $1 million

  • Year granted: 1999

Contributed to funding for a ($2m) state-of-the-art cancer research laboratory at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. The new facility will bring all CICR’s research teams into one building for the first time and significantly improve facilities for their work on a vaccine for cervical cancer and provide fresh insights into skin and breast cancer.


Provision of equipment for human clinical trials of the papillomavirus vaccine (HPV).
Release of the HPV in 2005 in order to prevent 5 million women from being infected worldwide each year.
first in the world to find a mechanism to turn off an auto-immune disease, once it has started. This includes auto immune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile diabetes, where the body”s immune system inappropriately attacks healthy cells.