The Shellseekers

Established in 1998, The Shellseekers are a Sydney-based group of women whose most famous fundraising effort to date has been the publication of a calendar (featuring themselves baring almost all) and a cookbook.

The name ‘The Shellseekers’ came from a book written by well-known author Rosamunde Pilcher.

The Shellseekers was the brainchild of now President Di Docherty, who conceived the idea after raising $65 for charity at a Christmas luncheon in 1997.

Di now hosts monthly ACRF fundraising luncheons/meetings at her home, featuring guest speakers, raffles and a whole lot of fun. In their quest to assist us on our mission to outsmart cancer, The Shellseekers have also gained a reputation as the most innovative (not to mention imaginative) ACRF supporters.

They’ve climbed the Harbour Bridge, indulged in a shopping spree, tee’d up a golf day and organised a monster book sale. But their most novel fundraiser yet has been the design and production of a calendar and a cookbook.

To date, The Shellseekers, who all reside in Sydney’s northern beaches area, have raised over $70,000 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF), a truly inspirational effort! Their tireless work has been acknowledged with a special plaque at the Westmead Institute for Cancer Research, which was built with the aid of funds from the ACRF. Click here to find out how you can plan your own ACRF fundraiser, just like the Shell Seekers!

Contact The Shellseekers
If you would like to purchase a cookbook and/or a calendar, or learn more about The Shellseekers, please contact Di Docherty on (02) 9982 6712.

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