Behind the Scenes at ACRF: Meet Victoria

With the need for connection being more important than ever before, we’re pleased to share with you some behind-the-scenes action from the ACRF team. We’re a small but dedicated group committed, as we know you are, to helping to create a world without cancer. Meet Victoria Bonsey, our Philanthropy & Engagement Manager.

“I’m originally from England but a gap-year for a working holiday in Australia in 1988 turned into permanent residency and citizenship when I fell in love – with Australia and Australians! This has also meant many trips back and forth to the UK over the years, but I have never regretted my decision. Besides I love travelling! Apart from travel (when we can) I also love walking my dog, hiking, gardening, cooking for family and friends, listening to music and singing in a local community choir.

My professional background started in sales and marketing, but my passion for working in the charity sector began with my first community development role in NSW in 2001. I have worked for not-for-profits ever since – I love being able to use my skill set to help bring about lasting change for the betterment of society and the people in it. Unfortunately, I have had many close family members and friends affected by cancer; which ultimately led me to ACRF as I strongly believe in the importance of accelerating research into all cancers.

I have been at ACRF for nearly three years in Melbourne, helping the ACRF team engage with our supporters, some of whom are able to assist with significant gifts. The cumulative power of individuals giving what they can, however small, is vital if we are to help our brightest scientists unlock the answers they seek through their brilliant research. To this end, I have presented at schools, community clubs, gala balls, senior citizens meetings, corporate staff meetings and board rooms. But my favourite thing is when I can have a cup of tea with a loyal supporter and get to hear their story.

Our supporters are amazing! I am just grateful that I get the opportunity to meet them and listen to them, to let them know about the significance and impact of their gifts, and how much we appreciate them all, however big or small.”