A dollar a week for a new cancer machine

Donating a dollar out of their pay each week, RSL employees have accumulated more than $60,000 over the past decade for ACRF.

Human resource manager, Rebecca Zaia, was contacted by ACRF, to say that they have been fortunate enough to purchase a new machine thanks to the Dubbo RSL donations. “This will greatly help them with further cancer research and assist with finding cures for some types of cancers,” Ms Zaia said.

Every employee who has donated has been touched by cancer in some way, she added. “Normally I change the organisation every few years, but with everything that has been happening we decided to stick with them (ACRF).”

Over the past five years the business and community have encountered many unfortunate events, she added. “It started with the drought, then the dust storms, the mouse plague, floods, and Covid.”

After numerous lockdowns, shutdowns, vaccinations, and proof of vaccinations, the RSL is currently dealing with the worst staffing issues in their history. “Then I see something like this – what amazing, kind and gentle people we have working in our club,” Ms Zaia shared.

With the cost of living rising, she is grateful people are still donating to worthy causes, and thanked everyone who has donated. “While it is endorsed by the club and we help to distribute the money – it is not forced.”

Bistro attendant Josie Wheeler has been working and donating at the RSL club for 23 years. “My father died of cancer, and I always thought that it was a good cause and, unfortunately, it is a very common sickness,” Ms Wheeler told Dubbo Photo News. “It’s only a dollar out of our pay which doesn’t seem much individually, but it adds up.”

Bistro attendant Courtney Farrell thanked the club for giving employees the opportunity to donate to causes without the pressure. “It’s a nice thing that the club offered us to do, and we really don’t notice (the dollar a week donation),” Ms Farrell shared.