ACRF leads the way in digital innovation

World Cancer DayWednesday 4th February marks World Cancer Day and, in the next step towards putting an end to cancer, one of Australia’s leading cancer charities, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF), will launch the world’s first charity-driven Top-Level Domain (TLD) .CancerResearch.

.CancerResearch is an internet domain enabling a new digital collective. It will be developed by the ACRF in collaboration with Australian cancer scientists and research centres, providing authoritative information, awareness movements, research news and important messages of hope for both Australian and global communities.

As the suite of .CancerResearch sites expands, international researchers, cancer sufferers, advocates and fundraisers will all have a powerful, unified voice on cancer research.

This effort towards ‘one’ voice will be highlighted in the Foundation’s introductory .CancerResearch awareness campaign, which can be seen at www.TheOne.CancerResearch.

TheOne.CancerResearch uses the latest in digital and social technology to provide an interactive experience for all supporters of cancer research, compiling their many thousands of faces into ‘The One’ entity that will enable new treatments and cures for cancer.

CEO of ACRF Professor Ian Brown said: “We have kick-started our launch with an incredible, community-based initiative – TheOne.CancerResearch. It has been developed through the support of M&C Saatchi and involves a powerful digital experience with the aim of mobilising our supporters in the fight against cancer.

“.CancerResearch is an internet domain with a collaborative vision. We have a long road ahead, but bringing the greatest minds and movements for cancer research together begins now.”

With the ACRF recently celebrating its 30th Anniversary, the launch of a new top-level domain marks a significant milestone for the Foundation. Since its inception, the ACRF has provided more than $100 million for cancer research, supporting major breakthroughs such as the early development of the cervical cancer vaccine.

For more information, please visit: www.theone.cancerresearch

Who is The One?

TheOne, ACRF, Fighting CancerNext week on February 4, people around the world will be getting involved in World Cancer Day, joining forces to show that cancer, its treatments and its cures are not beyond us.

A cancer free future is within our reach and we as a global community have the power to achieve this.

Fittingly, World Cancer Day’s 2015 tagline also ties in with some extremely exciting events happening at the ACRF. Next week is set to be a very momentous one.

Over many months, an incredible team of people – digital agencies, media outlets, Australian cancer researchers, and more – have been busily supporting the ACRF to produce a truly inspiring and original campaign.

It’s a campaign we hope will create a new movement towards increased support for cancer research.

While we can’t say too much to spoil the surprise, our campaign uses the latest in digital and social technology to give you – our supporters – a unique interactive experience.

We want to show you just how important you are in this fight against cancer.

The new campaign will feature alongside a series of websites that the ACRF has been developing in collaboration with Australian scientists, research centres, other not-for-profits, and like-minded organisations.

This community-based initiative is the next step towards putting an end to cancer. Its focus is to generate more awareness and funding for cancer research and we are so excited to get our supporters involved.

We look forward to staying in touch with you on new developments and for those on social, be sure to follow #WhoIsTheOne . Thank you for your ongoing and loyal support for cancer research.

Campaign supporters (what an amazing list of super generous organisations!):

ARI Registry Services
Australian Radio Network
Bang PR
Children’s Medical Research Institute
Commercial Radio Australia
Fairfax Media
Fairfax Radio
Hoyts Cinema
JC Decaux
King & Wood Mallesons
M&C Saatchi
Nine Network
Ooh! Media
Seven Network
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Sticky Digital

This World Cancer Day we pledge to help debunk the myths!

February 4 is a day where we have the chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving our understanding of cancer: of getting to know the risks and, importantly, overcoming misconceptions about this terrible disease.

World Cancer Day is an international movement held at the same time every year and is an opportunity for the entire world to join together in the fight against cancer.

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World Cancer Day – Feb 4th

Have you found the cure for cancer yet?

Inevitably, when we meet new people who are interested in our work at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, we get asked the same question.

“Have you found a cure yet?”

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. It’s what we’re all fighting for. But our response can often disappoint: “For which type of cancer?”

Cancer is an incredibly complex disease. It can be triggered by any number of environmental, behavioural and/or biological factors, and it can behave differently in each individual.

In 2013, World Cancer Day is about dispelling myths about cancer. Understanding your enemy is the first step to beating it, so on 4 February 2013 – World Cancer Day – we are being asked to seek the facts so that we can better understand this terrible disease.

The short answer to this common myth or question is that, unfortunately, we don’t have ‘a cure’. But we do have ‘cures’. Continue reading “World Cancer Day – Feb 4th”

ACRF joins World Cancer Day movement: Together it is possible!

World Cancer Day takes place on February 4th every year and is an opportunity for the entire world to join together in the fight against cancer.

The theme for World Cancer Day 2012 is ‘Together it is possible’. It refers to an international target to reduce premature death from cancer by 25% before 2025 – an ambitious but certainly possible goal, provided individuals, families, organisations, and government continue to invest in cutting-edge cancer research.

Research and more research is the key to beating cancer. Australian researchers are among the best in the world and have already made their mark with truly significant discoveries and treatments. Many of them have dedicated their lives to cancer research. Their work can only continue through our support: Together it is possible.

Cancer touches us all in some way – and it directly impacts on the lives of a third of Australians before the age of 75. But every day brings new light in the fight against cancer and there are many ways you can be involved:

Every dollar of every donation we receive (100%) goes to the fight against this terrible disease. To view the latest in cancer research discoveries, please visit our website.

Give a boost to cancer research on World Cancer Day

Today the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is uniting with thousands of supporters fighting against cancer across the globe for World Cancer Day.

Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 84 million people will die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 without intervention.

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