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“Ending cancer is one of the paramount issues in health today. Sadly, I have had many close friends who have lost their lives to this terrible disease.

Cancer can affect any one of us – children, the fit and healthy, and the aged alike. It knows no boundaries. We must help to bring it to an end.

Here at Betta Buy Wine we thought it was time to, again, support our friends at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to help raise funds for vital cancer research.

When we delved into the history of fundraising we found that many wineries around the world have been involved in raising funds for an assortment of different community causes.

So we decided to source a selection of fantastic wines that are among the top boutique wineries in Australia. And to encourage people to support ACRF, we’ve discounted them. When customers purchase from this range, we will donate $25 from the sale to ACRF.

I have been supporting the ACRF for a number of years because I know that the dollars raised go to where funding is needed the most.

By supporting our wine fundraiser you will receive great value, and at the same time help end cancer. We hope everyone enjoys these magnificent wines and the goodwill feeling that goes along with supporting a worthwhile cause.

I would encourage everyone to get on board and support cancer research in any way they can, because every dollar counts.” Bob Warner, ACRF Corporate Supporter – Betta Buy Wine

Tony Cant Real Estate – Fundraising in memory

Feb_Corporate_TonyCantHunter-based Real Estate agency Tony Cant will be supporting cancer research in honour of their founder, Ross Birrell who lost his battle with lung cancer last year.

Ross’s son, John Birrell followed in his father’s footsteps as the Principal and Sales Consultant of the agency. He has pledged to donate 5% of the commission from each house sold in March to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

“I lived my life to make my father proud, and I like to think I achieved that. It was great to hear him say how proud he was of his kids, his wife, and his staff.

Ross, in a nutshell, was an action man. He was an utterly selfless and giving man with an enviable spark for life. He lived by the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ and I like to think I can carry on that legacy. As the anniversary of his passing approached we decided to support cancer research because we wanted to prevent other families from going through the same loss.

Ross tried his hand at every career under the sun before finding his true passion in real estate. Real estate resonated with his ambitious, enthusiastic and vibrant personality and with the help of his long-term mate, Tony Cant, he was able to set up two small businesses in Thornton and Medowie.

All of our offices are doing something to get involved. We’re currently advertising our promotion in local newspapers, have distributed flyers and made letterbox drops throughout the community. We have also shared it across our social platforms, our website and on our email signatures.

It was hard to say goodbye to my dad as he was my role model and my best mate.  I am proud that the team at Tony Cant can do our part to end cancer in his memory.” – ACRF Supporter, John Birrell

To learn about different ways your workplace can get involved with ACRF, click here.

Barbas & Zacári – Your time is valuable

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ACRF corporate supporters, Tas Zacári and Emmanuel Barbas are two young entrepreneurial designers from Melbourne.

They recently established a new watch brand, Barbas & Zacári which caters to those with a passion for minimalist style and gives customers an opportunity to contribute to the fight against cancer with every purchase.

“To give back to a good cause and to do what we can to help, we decided to donate $5 (AUD) to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation for every watch sold.

We are extremely proud to be supporters of cancer research and we can’t thank our customers enough for their support thus far. We are really excited to see what we can do in 2016,” said the founders.

The brand promotes their watches alongside the hashtag #yourtimeisvaluable, to highlight the importance of cancer research and recognise that every hour we spend on this earth is valuable to each individual.

“We think it’s marvellous that designers and young entrepreneurs are doing what they can to help us fund research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all types of cancers,” said ACRF’s CEO Professor Ian Brown.

Their first collection, released in December, offers five styles of contemporary and fashionable unisex watches that suit any occasion. For more information on Barbas & Zacári or to purchase one of these great time pieces, click here.

Help fund new cancer research breakthroughs with workplace giving

James-Duncan-and-sisterNow that the new financial year has started why not set up regular donations with an immediate tax benefit?

Workplace giving is the perfect way to make a real difference to cancer research in Australia and as your regular donations are deducted from your payroll before tax is applied, you benefit too!

There are many benefits to workplace giving or corporate giving schemes for businesses, their employees and the charities they support. Workplace giving schemes provide an opportunity for employee engagement, with research conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation indicating that companies who offer these engagement opportunities experience higher staff retention. It also provides a common, shared goal between companies and their employees as staff work together towards an important goal – support for cancer research breakthroughs.

James Duncan, who is a current workplace giver for cancer research, explains how he made the decision to help his sister’s fight against cancer:

“My sister had stage 4 bowel cancer that spread to her liver. I cannot express the affect it had on her, her husband and our families in just a few sentences; suffice to say it was profound.

“The devastating events that occurred in the lead up to her diagnosis, her invasive surgery, treatment and lengthy recovery after diagnosis was an experience quite literally life changing for everyone – most of all my sister.

“She has won two battles so far, though the effects are ongoing. Her physical condition will never be the same and her three monthly check ups are a nail biting time. Despite the experience, my sister is resilient, strong and an inspiration to us all. She has made positive changes to her lifestyle and is a long way off meeting her quota of meltdowns.

“Workplace giving is an easy, simple way for me to make my stand against cancer.  It’s easy to opt in, opt out and control so is a no-brainer to me.”

If only 10% of working Australians made regular employee donations of $5 each week, their support would result in an incredible $260 million each year.

Find out more about workplace giving here, or talk to your HR department about your options for workplace giving.

Giving regular charity donations through workplace giving!

One in two men and one in three women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Each of us is keen to do our part to prevent both our loved ones and ourselves from facing this terrible disease, but often life gets in the way of us sitting down to make a donation.

Workplace Giving is one way to get around this. It’s a simple way for working Australians to make a big difference to cancer research via regular charity donations that are deducted from your payroll, before tax.

Employees can therefore enjoy an immediate tax benefit, while their regular charity donations work hard to make an important difference to our ability to fund cancer research.

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Workplace Giving: Make pre-tax donations from your payroll!

Workplace Giving allows employees to make charity donations regularly through their employer’s payroll system. Part of the appeal of Workplace Giving is that the donations are tax deductible and deducted from an employee’s pre-tax salary – so staff members receive an immediate tax-benefit and many hardly notice the difference in their pay!  Employers can also choose to match employee donations or to make one-off corporate charity donations, giving every employee contribution even more value in the fight against cancer.

The most exciting part of Workplace Giving to cancer research is the incredible potential to make a real difference. Your donations will provide ACRF with the long term, stable funding we need to plan effectively and maintain our funding to world-class cancer research.

Sign up today or click to learn more!

June is Workplace Giving Month

Workplace Giving for cancer researchJune is Workplace Giving month and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is encouraging all companies and corporate organisations to take this opportunity and establish a Workplace Giving program in support of cancer research.

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving allows employees to make charity donations regularly through their employer’s payroll system. Part of the appeal of Workplace Giving is that the donations are deducted from an employee’s pre-tax salary – so staff members receive an immediate tax-benefit and many hardly notice the difference in their pay!  Employers can also choose to match employee donations or to make one-off corporate charity donations, giving every employee contribution even more value in the fight against cancer.

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Net Effect: A charitable winner!

The much-anticipated netball ‘face-off’ between RailCorp and the Novo Rail Netters had everything a spectator could ask for: fierce competition, plenty of goals, a vocal crowd, and a fantastic charitable result, with almost $1500 raised for The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

RailCorp took an early lead in the match and despite a late challenge from Novo Rail, their netball prowess was not enough to claim back victory.

The winner’s trophy was presented to Nazha Dablan, the skipper of the RailCorp team; however the real winner for the night was charity. $1500 was raised through this company fundraising event and is already on its way to ACRF. Continue reading “Net Effect: A charitable winner!”

PepsiCo supports cancer research

One of our most active sponsors and fundraisers, our friends at PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand, visited the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) recently to present a cheque for over $12,000 for cancer research.

This generous contribution represents donations collected at an event hosted by PepsiCo and The Smith’s Snackfood Company employees, in honour of much-loved team member Agnes Connell who lost her battle with cancer in August 2009.

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Senior's Week Premier’s gala concert

60 years and counting…and the party is just starting!

One of the highlights of NSW Senior’s Week kicked off on March 22nd, with a mighty Hurrah! The Premier’s Gala Concert series attracts more than 30,000 Seniors from all over NSW, with a key event being the annual Senior’s Week concert, this year themed ‘After Dark’.

Funded by the State Government the fabulous concerts are free for anyone aged over 60 in NSW – acknowledging and celebrating the contribution Seniors make to the community.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) was privileged to be invited to be involved in the event for the second year running, by Workplace Giving supporters the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ADHC). The ACRF had a presence at the Entertainment Centre for the two days the concerts were being held. And we had a ball! There was lively music and a buzz in the crowd. It was so lovely to be in the midst of all these wonderful seniors – and to share in their stories, experiences and lives.

ACRF also gave away a prize to of 4 rounds of golf at the Dunheved Golf Course in St Marys, generously donated to us in memory of a past member. Congratulations goes to Gerry McInerney, we hope you enjoy the prize – and make sure you have wear plenty of sunscreen for your golf bonanza!

On behalf of the team at ACRF, we want to say ‘A Big Thank you’ – to everyone we met at the Senior’s Week Premier’s Gala Concert, ADHC for allowing us the opportunity to be involved, and to the NSW Government for putting it all together!

Read about the 2009 Premier’s Gala Christmas Concert.