ACRF teams up with H&R Block to provide tax calculator that shows the true value of donations to cancer research

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The creative concept and implementation of the calculator was all thanks to pro-bono work done by M&C Saatchi’s creative team.

“We hope that by being transparent and showing donors how much influence even a small donation can have on the work that’s being done in cancer research, it will help them understand how truly valuable their support is,” commented Professor Ian Brown, CEO of the ACRF.

Last year, donations to the ACRF went towards equipment that is being used to further develop personalised cancer treatments, detect lung cancer before it spreads, and examine native Australian plants to see if they can be used to develop new cancer treatments.

The ACRF has been a driving force behind cancer research for over 30 years. However, with success rates now less than 14 percent for applications to grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council, the organisation is keen to do all it can to increase the availability of vital funding.

Advancements in technology are allowing researchers to analyse data like never before. But such technology is difficult to get funding for. The ACRF is the only national charity in Australia whose sole purpose is to make advanced equipment and technology more accessible to Australian cancer researchers, regardless of the type of cancer they study. This is helping prevent the best and brightest scientists from moving elsewhere or changing jobs.

The support of H&R Block, as well as other corporate partners, continues to help ACRF provide the sector with the lifeline that it needs.

“At H&R Block we value the health and wellbeing of all Australians, so we’re proud to assist ACRF in its goal to deliver the highest impact in an area of vital need. Too many people are suffering from the effects of cancer, so being even a small part of the solution is both humbling and gratifying,” said Brodie Dixon, managing director of H&R Block.

Thank you for supporting our tax time appeal

Thank you all… our 2010 tax time appeal was a big success for cancer research that helps save lives

Last month we made an urgent call on behalf of Australian scientists and cancer sufferers for donations to support our ambitious 2010 cancer research grants program. And in response, we’ve been overwhelmed by your generosity.

The Australia Cancer Research Foundation wishes to thank the individuals, organisations and community groups who rallied support for cancer research in June.

When you join with us, you’re helping create an environment that allows Australia’s best researchers to dream big in the fight against cancer – to create a world where we can save lives through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Please accept our thanks for your dedication and support through your very generous donations, and, just as importantly, your help conveying our message to others in the community. Whether it was spreading the word to your friends, to your family, in your workplace, among your social networks, or even online, we felt your support and it has really made a big difference to this appeal.

We are all now a step closer to even more breakthroughs in cancer research, ensuring we are able to fund the vital equipment and infrastructure for which scientists seek our Foundation’s support year after year. Continue reading “Thank you for supporting our tax time appeal”

Help us end cancer this tax year by making a tax deductible donation

Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Chief Executive, David Brettell, has urged supporters to get behind the Foundation’s 2010 mid-year appeal and our mission to fund the fight against cancer by improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer.

“This is a time we reflect on the 1 in 3 Australians who will be affected by cancer and on our role in funding vital research that can treat and cure the various cancers”.

Help us fund ground-breaking cancer research

It is our call to all cancer research supporters to help fund the work of the brilliant scientists who seek grants from ACRF each year to overcome cancer.

By making a tax deductible donation this year, you will be able to boost your tax return by reducing your taxable income and support a cause you are passionate about.

This year we have shortlisted six from the 13 grant applicants who will now progress to the second stage of our 2010 multi-million dollar grant program. Click here to read about our grant recipients and research projects.

How your donations are helping us to fund research to end cancer

Collaboration and world-class competitive research are among the top priorities for funding this year. Continue reading “Help us end cancer this tax year by making a tax deductible donation”