ACRF grant recipients receive NSW Premier's praise

Researchers from three ACRF-funded cancer research centres have received accolades at the 2012 NSW Premier’s Awards for outstanding cancer research.

Hosted by the Cancer Institute NSW, the awards honour the work of the State’s most innovative and dynamic cancer researchers, and so we congratulate these esteemed scientists:

1. Excellence in Translational Research
Professors Michelle Haber, Glenn Marshall, and Murray Norris – Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) for Medical Research

This team from CCIA (a recipient of two ACRF grants totaling $3.6m) have been acknowledged for their ground-breaking work in testing children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and improving survival rates. Their minimal residual disease testing (MRD) can predict which children suffering ALL are at the highest risk of relapse on standard therapy, triggering individualised treatment to commence at earlier stages.

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Stem cell breakthrough – great news for cancer patients

CI_logoSydney researchers this week revealed a stem cell research breakthrough that will have a massive impact for cancer sufferers requiring bone marrow transplants.

Publishing the results in the esteemed biotechnology journal Nature Biotechnology, lead author Professor John Rasko and his team from Centenary Institute have found, for the first time, a way of growing an increasing number of blood-forming stem cells outside the body.

Patients who receive stem cell transplants for various conditions or treatments, including leukaemia or chemotherapy, could soon expect significantly improved outcomes thanks to the landmark finding by the research team at the Centenary Institute, Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital and the University of Sydney.

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