How you can end men’s cancers this Blue September

Blue September is a month dedicated to raising awareness of the risks that cancers pose to men. The campaign encourages men to stay diligent about their health and helps to raise funds for world-class research into the prevention, treatments and ultimately cures for some of the most common cancers affecting men.

In Australia, one in two Australian men will get cancer in their lifetime – that’s 20% more men than women who will be touched by this terrible disease. Despite this statistic, men often tend to have a bad track record when it comes to looking after their own health.

This is why we would like to invite you to join us in celebrating or remembering the men who are important to you and encourage them to start thinking about their health and family histories with cancer. There are lots of great ways you can get involved to help prevent cancer in men:

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Edited in September 2018: You can support our current Men’s Cancer Month campaign here.

Cancer researchers find prostate cancer “Achilles Heel” and move closer to a new treatment

An international group of scientists from Australia and Canada are getting closer to a new treatment for prostate cancer that works by starving tumours of an essential nutrient.

Dr Jeff Holst from Sydney’s Centenary Institute, and his colleagues from Adelaide, Brisbane and Vancouver have shown they can slow the growth of prostate cancer by stopping the protein ‘leucine’ from being pumped into tumour cells.

Leucine is involved in cell division and making proteins. It ‘feeds’ cell growth by being pumped through ‘protein pumps’ on the surface of our cells.

In 2011, Dr Holst and his colleagues showed that prostate cancer cells have more ‘protein pumps’ on their surface compared with normal cells. These pumps are allowing the cancer cell to take in more leucine, thereby stimulating overactive cell division.

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Blue September starts this Father’s Day!

Blue September is a campaign in which we’re encouraging all Australians to face up to cancer in men.

Starting this Sunday, we’re asking you to get blue and help raise awareness about men’s cancers.

22,000 Australian men die from cancer every year, but at the ACRF we want to turn this statistic around. You can help by hosting a blue themed fundraiser, purchasing one of our limited edition Blue September  wristbands, or by donating to vital research into the cancers that affect men most!

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AGT winner Andrew De Silva shines a spotlight on cancer research

Cancer research ambassadorAndrew De Silva’s knowledge of the Australian music scene stems back further than most.

A taste of fame in the nineties as part of popular music group CDB has set the stage for what anyone can see is an exciting second chance for this amazing vocalist. His incredible success as the Seven Network’s ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ Winner has also allowed Andrew to tell his story to the world.

“Cancer research is so important to me. Not only has it affected me personally, but it has also affected my family and so many friends,” Andrew told us. “I’ve watched it take the lives of the young & old, and then it also changes the lives of the people that are left behind.”

Andrew has touched so many hearts as he has progressed through the reality television competition and shared his progressive soul/rock originals. We are delighted and humbled to be able to call him an Australian Cancer Research Foundation Ambassador, and to learn more about his journey through cancer: Continue reading “AGT winner Andrew De Silva shines a spotlight on cancer research”

Blue September – thank you for getting blue for cancer in men

A great big blue thank you for Blue September 2010

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) wishes to thank everyone who supported Blue September 2010.

We are especially grateful for the support from all our fabulous fundraisers who organised numerous events across Australia at their workplace, at school, and in their communities.

Ranging from blue morning teas and blue dress days, to blue BBQs and blue footy matches, our supporters were a driving force in promoting the health of the men in our lives throughout September.

Thank you also to all the Blue September corporate partners and ambassadors for their tremendous support and for making a vital contribution to the fight against cancer in men.

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Blue September: men facing up to cancer

Blue September sees the Australian Cancer Research Foundation turning blue for a whole month to raise awareness for cancer in men. We’re asking everyone to please Get Blue and support BLUE SEPTEMBER.

Supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Bowel Cancer Australia, Blue September launches across the nation on 1st September, and it is about one thing: men facing up to cancer.

Why Blue? Its Simple – Blue is for boys!

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