Two new ACRF facilities in Melbourne will help fast-track discoveries

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation has opened two new world-class cancer research facilities in Melbourne; the new ACRF Rational Drug Discovery Centre at St Vincent’s Institute (SVI) and a new Cancer Imaging Facility at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

These centres represent $4 million in Australian Cancer Research Foundation funding that would not have been made possible without the support of our amazing donors.

The potential for ground breaking discoveries within these world-class facilities is extremely exciting. Each of them houses the latest in advanced drug screening and imaging technologies, promising to find new treatment targets and therapeutic options faster than ever before.

Please find details about each cancer research facility below.

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Minister Brumby opens Advanced cancer research facility

The Hon. John Brumby MP has opened a new research facility funded by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation that will assist with the early detection of colon cancer, the most common internal cancer.

The new Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) facility, situated at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, features a mass spectrometer that offers improved capability for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer.

The recently purchased mass spectrometer is the centre piece of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Cancer Proteomics Program at the LICR, which was made possible with a $1 million grant from ACRF.

Colon cancer is among the three most common cancers in the Western world, affecting almost 1 in 20 Australians and leading to about 5,000 deaths per year.

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