With Father’s Day just around the corner, we all will be thinking about what to get Dad and how to show Dad that we care. Rather than filling his cupboard with more unwanted gifts like socks, jocks and ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mugs, why not donate in his name to cancer research?

Why Donate a Gift to Cancer Research on Father’s Day?

September is the month where we raise awareness for the most common cancers affecting Australian men. 1 in 5 men will develop prostate cancer before the age of 85, and the five year survival rate for bowel cancer in men is 66.2 percent. This means now, more than ever, we need to support researchers who are working to outsmart cancers affecting men.

It’s also the month where we celebrate one of the most important men in our lives on Father’s Day. If you’re stuck for what to buy for Dad, donations to charity are a meaningful gift, particularly if someone he knows has been affected by cancer.

When you make a donation to cancer research in place of a gift you’ll be helping speed up cancer research discoveries and bring new hope for the future. What better way to make Dad feel really special this Father’s Day than for him to know that you’ve donated in his honour to fund world-class research into ending cancer!

What can you do with Dad to Fundraise for Men’s Cancer Month?

One of the best gifts you can give to Dad is your time. Organising a fundraiser with Dad can be a great Father’s Day bonding activity. If you and Dad would like to fundraise for Men’s Cancer Month, but aren’t quite sure how to get started, then we’ve got some ideas for you to make a difference:

  • Dinner Party: Organise a dinner party where all the Dad’s in the family give up Father’s Day privileges and prepare dinner for the guests. Attendees need to make a minimum donation set by the hosts.
  • Garage Sale: Make room for new Father’s Day gifts by selling unwanted items to the community and donating the profits to cancer research.
  • Golf Tournament: Is Dad or Grandpa skilled on the green? Organise a golf tournament and ask participants for a small donation.
  • Quiz Night: If Dad isn’t so savvy with a golf club, perhaps a trivia card is more his forte. Host a trivia night and ask for a small donation from each team of players.
  • Walk to Outsmart Cancer: If you would prefer one on one time with Dad, trek to an exciting destination this Father’s Day.

Never doubt the impact even a small donation can have. You can help researchers make new ground on their projects, and improve the technology which detects, diagnoses and treats all types of cancer.

Support Cancer Research at your Father’s Day Lunch

If you and your family are throwing a party or holding a lunch for Dad this Father’s Day, why not turn the affair into a fundraising activity the whole family can participate in. It’ll make the day a fun and memorable experience for all involved.

Honour Dad, Grandpa and other men in the family with these easy to execute fundraising ideas:

  • Swear Jar: Is there a relative or two who are a little loose on the lips? For larger gatherings, use a swear jar to raise money for cancer research, and give Dad’s ears a break (assuming he’s not the culprit!).
  • Headshave: Symbolically remove your hair and encourage others in the family to do the same. This gesture makes a statement of love for someone you or Dad knows who’s been affected by cancer.
  • BBQ and Raffle: Make the event itself a charity fundraiser! Extend the invitation to your friends and neighbours and hold a raffle in support of cancer research.

Whether your donation is in lieu of a gift, or you choose to host a fundraising event, Dad will appreciate the meaningful gesture this Father’s Day.


David takes 400 thousand steps for cancer research

It was a cold morning in Canberra when ACRF super-fundraiser departed on what would be one of the most gruelling journeys of his life.

His solo walk back to his home in the lower Blue Mountains brought back old injuries and painful memories, as he took step after step – some 400 thousand of them – in honour of his late wife Danielle.

But it also brought him hope.

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Blue September starts this Father’s Day!

Blue September is a campaign in which we’re encouraging all Australians to face up to cancer in men.

Starting this Sunday, we’re asking you to get blue and help raise awareness about men’s cancers.

22,000 Australian men die from cancer every year, but at the ACRF we want to turn this statistic around. You can help by hosting a blue themed fundraiser, purchasing one of our limited edition Blue September  wristbands, or by donating to vital research into the cancers that affect men most!

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Give the gift of cancer research this Father’s Day

It’s Father’s day this Sunday, and many of us are thinking about those meaningful yet creative Father’s Day gifts to show our dads how much we care.

If you’re feel a bit stumped we’ve got the perfect solution! Why not consider a Father’s Day gift to cancer research this year?

An in celebration donation to cancer research is a gift that truly gives back. Through the ACRF, you can make a direct donation in lieu of gifts for your Dad.

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Help us fight cancer this Father’s Day

Donations in lieu of giftsA donation to cancer research is a gift that truly gives back, with every dollar going to world-class research in Australia.

Many ACRF supporters choose to give donations in lieu of gifts on special days such as Father’s Day through our ‘In Celebration’ giving program. We are so grateful for their support.

If your Dad is your hero (and really, whose isn’t?) why not honour him this Father’s Day with a present that will bring hope to families around the world?

Please click here to donate

When you make your Father’s Day donation to the ACRF, we will gladly post a greeting card to your father, including your personal message of love and support. He will also receive a letter explaining the kind donation you have made in lieu of a gift at Father’s Day. Please note we will not disclose the amount you donated, as the donation receipt will be sent automatically to your email or postal address.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift at this most special time of year.