Mark’s eyes are on the finish line

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Discovering the cancer was completely incidental. I had no symptoms or impaired renal function. About eight months ago I was admitted to the hospital with lower bowel pain. The doctors performed a CT scan and found that I had colitis.

They also noticed something that looked like a cyst in my right kidney. They advised me to get it investigated further so a few weeks later I had another scan. The result came back as “consistent with a cystic renal cell carcinoma.” It was in the very centre of my kidney.

It was just two months from when we first saw the mass, to when I underwent surgery to remove my whole kidney. In that time the mass had doubled in size and the final pathology found that it was a grade 2 cystic renal cell carcinoma.

Whilst I have enjoyed a good recovery and my prognosis is very good, there are many people and families who are not so fortunate. We need better diagnosis and treatments to help battle this terrible illness that has struck down so many of our loved ones. To help raise funds for cancer research, I decided to run in the Australian Running Festival’s Canberra Times half marathon.

In 2015, I participated in the half marathon to prove to myself that I could still be healthy and active after a spinal fusion I’d had a few years earlier. This year I’ll be motivated to raise funds for cancer research, not only because of my own battle but for all my family and friends who have battled cancer, many of whom have sadly passed away.

I want to try for a personal best but I have had to make big changes to my training. The biggest being that that I have only had eight weeks to prepare. Prior to that, I was not allowed to do any exercise, as I had to allow the stomach muscles to completely heal. It will make this year’s half marathon very challenging for me but running is not just about the physical activity, it also takes mental endurance.

I hope that we can encourage more people to support cancer research so that the teams of scientists – the unsung heroes in this battle, can achieve breakthroughs that save lives.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me over the past six months as I have recovered and to those who have so generously donated to my page.” – ACRF supporter, Mark Potten.

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2012 Australian Running Festival

cancer fun run cancer fundraisingThe country’s capital was out running on April 14th & 15th as part of the Australian Running Festival. Across the 5 events of the weekend ranging from 5km to the Ultra Marathon, 16 people were running for cancer research.

When asked why they chose to run for cancer research, many revealed personal motivations from the impact of cancer in their lives. From loved ones who had been lost, to supporting those currently fighting cancer they believed that the funds they raised “will truly help find a cure to this horrible disease”.

The weekend was “fresh” but produced great weather for the runs with a record number of 5,000 participants getting involved in the events for causes they were passionate about. Despite some feeling the pressure and struggling through their races, the runners for cancer research had great races, with many smashing their goals and that wonderful sense of personal achievement crossing the finish line. Continue reading “2012 Australian Running Festival”

Australian Running Festival

Our nations capital got active on April 9th for the inaugural Australian Running Festival. Seven ACRF supporters got involved in this community event with 5km, 10km, half, full and ultra marathon events.

Each supporter had their own personal motivations for taking on this challenge. For some it was their first time and they wanted to support a worthy cause, for others it was about improving their lifestyle and inspiring others. For many it was a personal loss of family and friends to cancer that led them to supporting cancer research, with some feeling that “running a marathon is nothing compared to what these people have been through”. They know that cancer affects 1 in 3 Australians and can affect anyone, and set about showing their support for those battling cancer and hoping to “do my little bit to help”. Continue reading “Australian Running Festival”