Olivia Chetkovich raised $11,000 for shaving her head

We are so grateful for Olivia’s bravery to raise life-saving funds for cancer research! Olivia Chetkovich raised $11,000 for shaving her head – a very courageous and difficult thing to do. 

“Shaving my head to raise money for research is a small thing I can do to help the fight. It’s also something I have the luxury to choose to do, so I’d like to acknowledge the far greater challenge others face losing their hair due to treatment, and during an incredibly difficult time.

When I first said I was going to do this I thought it would be a walk in the park, but as the date approached my nerves started to rattle… I have been so encouraged by the money people have donated and now that the challenge is here, I’m pumped to be contributing to this worthy cause that is close to the hearts of many.”

We congratulate Olivia on her bravery and the vital funds she has raised, which will help find new and improved ways to prevent, detect and treat ALL types of cancer.

If you are interested in shaving your head to back brilliant cancer research, follow the link here.