ACRF joins World Cancer Day movement: Together it is possible!

World Cancer Day takes place on February 4th every year and is an opportunity for the entire world to join together in the fight against cancer.

The theme for World Cancer Day 2012 is ‘Together it is possible’. It refers to an international target to reduce premature death from cancer by 25% before 2025 – an ambitious but certainly possible goal, provided individuals, families, organisations, and government continue to invest in cutting-edge cancer research.

Research and more research is the key to beating cancer. Australian researchers are among the best in the world and have already made their mark with truly significant discoveries and treatments. Many of them have dedicated their lives to cancer research. Their work can only continue through our support: Together it is possible.

Cancer touches us all in some way – and it directly impacts on the lives of a third of Australians before the age of 75. But every day brings new light in the fight against cancer and there are many ways you can be involved:

Every dollar of every donation we receive (100%) goes to the fight against this terrible disease. To view the latest in cancer research discoveries, please visit our website.