There's No Place Like Home

Not only was mother of three, Jodi-Ann Goulter’s recent family fun day a successful fundraiser for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation it also marked her celebration of a first stage win against cancer.

Recently, the brave hearted Jodi-Ann said that when she was diagnosed with cancer, while pregnant with her third child, her greatest fear had been she thought she wasn’t going to be able to see the kids grow up.”

An Australian expat living in Hong Kong with her children and pilot husband Matt, Jodi-Ann had been unable to travel to Australia for quite some time due to her ongoing treatment.

Recently she triumphantly reported that her tumors were gone and she had been able to head back to Australia to celebrate with those she cares about most – her family and friends.

“I was 34 weeks pregnant when I found a lump in my leg,” she said.

“I was angry when cancer was confirmed by the doctor because I have always lived such a healthy life. There was no reason for me to have cancer.”

After several months of successful chemotherapy the expat recently returned to her Sunshine Coast home where she staged a fundraising event for cancer research.

“I am having my own personal cancer experience presently involving chemo on a weekly basis,” said Jodi-Ann mother of Jake 4, Corey 2 and Tim 6 months.

“I was given the all clear to see my family on the coast for the first time in 12 months. I try to keep a positive attitude on life.”

“To celebrate my home-coming and to raise a little money for cancer research we held a brunch for my family and friends on the 21st of November which was a wonderful success and raised more than $4000 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Everyone had a great time.”

Big thanks Jodi-Ann. We think you’re just awesome!