The wedding of Sally & Jeff

Sally & Jeff decided to celebrate their engagement and recent wedding a little differently to most; asking family and friends to donate to cancer research in place of receiving traditional gifts.

Both newlyweds have experienced the impact of cancer in their lives, with Sally sadly losing her mother in 2005, and Jeff his father in 2006 after an almost 20 year battle. Cancer is a cause they both feel “very strongly” about, and they are “interested in stopping people getting the disease in the first place” so they decided to support the Foundation on their special day.

Sally & Jeff felt gifts to cancer research were a way to acknowledge the memory of their parents as part of their wedding even though they were not able to be there. Both were “very honoured” that their family and friends were able to contribute more than $700.

Thank you Sally & Jeff for including us as part of your special day, and thanks also to all your family and friends for their generous support!

For more details on how to support cancer research at your upcoming celebration visit Gifts to Cancer Research in Celebration.