Cancer research supporter conquers Great Wall marathon

She has exceeded her target to raise $15,000 for ACRF and has endured the pain that is the Great Wall of China Half Marathon, but Avril Henry – one of our highest individual fundraisers to date – is not taking all the credit for the successful fundraising event, and says she owes it all to perseverance and gratitude.

“Due to my supporters’ generosity, I was able to raise $16,516, and am truly humbled by everyone’s kindness and support,” says Avril.

As a corporate motivator, Avril reached out to her network of business associates, local community, family, and friends, and put all her efforts towards raising awareness for cancer research and the half marathon held on 15 May 2010.

And she did it all with good reason; embarking on the fundraising challenge to honour close friends that had sadly lost their battle with cancer, and the urgent need to find a cure.

With her daughter, Genevieve, and fellow Aussie runners and supporters in China for the event, Avril’s fundraising efforts were a smashing success as she went on to cross the finish line after enduring a half-marathon through remote villages, along cobble stone roads, and 4000 stairs across the Great Wall of China.

“As I neared the finishing line with my knees and the balls of my feet throbbing, I started chanting in my head ‘This is for you John, Cheryl, Allison, Craig, Lynette and Ruby’, over and over again, and tears started to roll down my face as I reflected on the brave battles they each fought until the end.  And then somehow, moved by their spirit, my feet and knees just didn’t matter anymore”, she said.

Avril’s perseverance for the challenge inspires us all at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, and we are grateful for her grand efforts in raising much needed funds for cancer research.

ACRF also wishes to thank all the individuals, businesses, and local communities that supported Avril’s fundraising event – proof that there are many ways to contribute to the fight against cancer.

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