Rosie Lee – music that gives hope

In 2007 Rosie Lee was diagnosed with stomach cancer, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she loves and achieving big things.

Now in remission, Rosie has just launched her inspiring initiative Rosie’s Cancer Fund, giving hope to cancer sufferers while honouring the life of a loved one through song.

“One Day We’ll Meet Again” is dedicated to Rosie’s dear friend, Marilyn, and was first written the night before she sadly passed away after a long battle with both breast cancer and cervical cancer.

“One evening in 2008, the music to this song came to me.  Then, on June 1st,  2009, the words of the first verse ran through my mind.  I dearly wanted to ring the hospital where Mal was and play it to her.  But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It wasn’t finished.  It wasn’t ready.  She passed away the next morning,” reveals Rosie.

The song performed with close friends Anne Tatham and Ann Thompson Smith, is also about confronting loss and finding peace.

While giving hope through music, Rosie’s Cancer Fund is also a platform for sharing stories, tips, and fears while battling with cancer, through an online community.

Rosie’s top tips for the online community include positive thinking, laughter, learning how to relax, and sharing the burden with loved ones.

She even makes us laugh as she recounts funny incidents while wearing a wig, with her latest video posting on the Rosie’s Cancer Fund website, where you may even pick up a couple of tips on wigs and hat wearing.

Rosie is now inviting listeners to download the song and sheet music to support cancer research, with 90% of the proceeds going directly to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

Thank you Rosie – 90% is almost all your proceeds:  that is real generosity.   We’re loving exploring your brand new website and can’t wait for the next video and blog update.

Visit Rosie’s Cancer Fund Website