Rob has registered for City2Surf

I have a background in molecular biology, and currently work in engineering for a biotech company. Health and fitness have always been an important component of my everyday routine. I have been lifting weights since age 17 and along the way managed to compete in a few amateur bodybuilding competitions. My spare time is also for attending live gigs, trying out new restaurants and watching footy. Although I like to think of myself as a bit of a cool, buff nerd, my sisters would argue that I’m just a nerd!

I decided to fundraise for ACRF and cancer research because my mum was recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. This is her second go-around with cancer; 30 years ago it was bone cancer when she was pregnant with me. With the diagnosis of breast cancer, Mum knows that she has a long and difficult road ahead of her. However, she remains resilient and is the warmest, big-hearted personality imaginable.

I think resilience is innate in all of us and that toughness and strength for me developed through running. Even when it’s freezing cold in the morning, your lungs are burning, the legs are heavy, and that little voice in your head is telling you to stop, you don’t. The feeling of satisfaction upon finishing is so rewarding. It’s a great metaphor for life too; no matter what gets thrown at you, keep moving forward and eventually you’ll work through it.

Knowing what my mum is dealing with now is all the motivation I needed to enter the 2018 City2Surf and raise funds for ACRF. Beyond the personal impact that cancer has had on our family, I chose to support cancer research, knowing the complexity of the disease. Significant research is still required to fully understand the mechanisms behind each type of cancer development so that more effective treatments can be discovered. Continuing to fund that research is paramount in combatting the disease.

It is a privilege to be raising funds for such an awesome cause and the support from ACRF has been fantastic. I’d also like to say a big thanks to everyone else who has backed me in preparation for this year’s big running event. Whether it was a donation, a running partner, or simply some words of encouragement, your love and support is greatly appreciated not only by me, but my mother as well.

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