Polly's Lemonade Stand

When the people closest to her were diagnosed with cancer, six year old Polly rallied her troops.

Together with four families from her local area in Brisbane, Polly set up a fresh lemonade stall to raise money for cancer research.

“Polly’s grandmother has a brain tumour, so she has to have chemo every month for the rest of her life. And a couple of children at the school have been affected by cancer as well,” Polly’s Mum, Rebecca, told the local paper.

The level of support was such a surprise, she said, with Rocklea Markets donating 20 cases of lemons towards the effort! Polly also had a story in the local paper, and was on the radio twice in the lead up to the big day.

On the day of the stand, locals turned out in droves, keeping the kids busy and making sure everyone had a great day and raising over $600!

Thanks Polly, and all your supporters for your generosity to cancer research!

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