Patrick Swayze Inspires Action for ACRF

The death of Hollywood star Patrick Swayze inspired one new cancer research supporter to get involved with fundraising for the organization.

Mother of five, Melanie Heathcoat, 33, said the actor’s death had mobilized her into action.

“I was a huge fan of Patrick Swayze and his death really saddened me. I can’t really single out which was of his movies is my favorite because I love them all,” she said.

“I was also inspired to support the Austrailan Cancer Research Foundation because many of my own family members have been affected by cancer. I have lost two close relatives in the past six months through the disease.”

“I myself had a scare myself recently but luckily I was given the all clear.”

Melanie held a BBQ at her Mandurah home near Perth on October 31 for Cancer Research and said she wished to thank her local Coles supermarket and green grocer for donating food and drink for the event.

“I hope Patrick Swayze is somewhere looking down on me and appreciating my efforts.” Thanks for your wonderful efforts Melanie, we really appreciate your support.