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“Cancer was certainly not part of who Danielle was as a person, but it was a part of the narrative of her life’s journey. Her legacy will always live on in our children Joshua, Grace and Caleb, who were 9, 8 and 5 respectively when Danielle passed away.

“To honour the memory of Danielle and to set an example for our children to follow in life – that together, we can all make a difference – I have made a life-time commitment to actively support Australian researchers in their search for the cures.

“It gives me hope for my children’s future that the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s Partners in the Cure – a group I am proud to belong to – have raised more than $1.3 million.”

“Considering each of us – individually – gives what we can on a monthly basis, this is an incredible contribution. Every dollar, 100%, has gone to world-class cancer research. Every dollar is bringing us closer to new cures for cancer.”

“Please join me in making regular donations to the ACRF as a Partner in the Cure. I ask you humbly, on behalf of every father, mother, husband, wife and child out there who has been touched by this devastating disease. Together, we can all be part of real progress, fighting cancer for future generations.”

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