On the run for ACRF

Record numbers of Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) supporters have recently been raising much-needed funds for the organization and staying fit and healthy at the same time.

This year numbers were well up on ACRF sponsored participants in both the Sydney Morning Herald Half (SMH) Marathon and also the Run Melbourne Marathon.


This year five individuals and two large teams of ACRF supporters took part in the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon held in May.

Thanks to this added support more than $20,000 was raised at this year’s run.

Two teams on the run for the ACRF

One particular team running on behalf of the organization was “Team SMP’’ led by long time supporter Rebecca Patterson. Her squad had previously supported the ACRF in last year’s event

Rebecca contacted the organization in early 2008 following her husband’s passing from colon cancer, and said her friends and family had wanted to run the Sydney Half Marathon in honor of him that year.

In 2008 the 17 members of Team SMP finished the Sydney Half Marathon and together raised over $25,000 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Rebecca said “Team SMP’’ chose to support the ACRF again this year, with 22 members finishing the marathon and raising over $15,000.

Team “KM’s for cancer”, led by ACRF supporter Angela Introna, also took on the challenge on this year’s SMH marathon.

The team of 17 included a number of Angela’s colleagues from the paramedic team at the New South Wales Ambulance Service, as well as many of her friends. “We are all beginners at running but are going to give it a good go, and we are hoping to raise some money for a good cause.” said Angela before the race.

The individual ACRF supporters in this year’s run included Alex, Belinda, Linley, Nataliya and Ross. Thank you all so very much for your enthusiastic support.

This year’s marathon honored much-missed champion Australian runner Kerryn McCann. Her husband Greg McCann and children Benton, Josie and Cooper proudly watched on as more than 8,500 runners lined up – many wearing pink bandanas – to run 21.1km in honor of the four-time Half Marathon champion, who died of breast cancer in December last year aged 41.


ACRF participant numbers were up in the recent Melbourne marathon as well with 45 runners taking part in this year’s event, a rise from 13 runners for the same event last year.

Their motivations…

For ACRF supporters, the reasons for participating in this year’s Run Melbourne were many. Some supporters were running in memory of family members that had sadly passed away from cancer, others in support of friends/family currently undergoing cancer treatment, and some in celebration of friends/family overcoming cancer and going into remission. There were even a number of lovely supporters that simply chose to support cancer research in an effort “do their bit” to help find a cure for the disease that affects so many around the world.

These runners raised more than $10,000 from their event.

The ACRF supporters in this year’s Run Melbourne included: Vladimir, Helen, Vanessa, Steve, Carly, Chris, Renny, Joe, Christopher, Lisa, Vanessa, Matthew, Julian, Cairin, Trevor, Duncan, Nicole, Alexis, John, Steve, Emma, Penny, Steve, Sonia, Emily, Evry, Amanda, Darren, Vanessa, Belinda, Stacey, Ebony, Nerida, Philip, Kristine, Cameron, Teresa, Fleur, Anna, Paul, Anne-Nicole, Dave, Johanna, Mary, Olivia and Team Suzlon (Suzlon Energy Australia). We thank each and every one of you so very much for your wonderful support.

Some 14,000 runners and walkers enjoyed running around many of Melbourne’s major landmarks in Run Melbourne, presented by The Age newspaper June 28, raising a record $485,729 for a variety of charities. This brings Run Melbourne’s fundraising total to a staggering $772,729 in its two years it has been held.

A big thank you

Thanks again to everyone that took part in this year’s SMH Half Marathon and Run Melbourne marathon, as well as to all of their supporters and sponsors.

The Foundation’s grants program would not be possible were it not for the support and commitment of people such as yourselves.

Links to the marathon websites can be accessed via the below pages on our website.

SMH HALF MARATHON (Sunday, May 17th 2009): click here

RUN MELBOURNE (Sunday, June 28th 2009): click here