Let's Get Loud for Cancer Research

There was a touch of irony about the recent “Loud Shirt Morning Tea” that staff at the Environmental Services Division of the Sutherland Shire Council organized for their late friend and work colleague John Newman.

“John was a real gentleman and a scholar and always wore a suit and tie to work. You never would have seen him in a loud shirt at all but I know he would have appreciated our efforts because he was such a loving man with a great sense of humor,’’ said the division’s administration supervisor Judy Thompson.

“He was a very popular member of staff and people from all levels of the council attended our event.”

“John, 60, died last year and we all decided we wanted to honor him so his wife suggested a fundraiser for cancer research. He had battled several forms of cancer and he was well aware of the wonderful work of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation,” said Judy.

“We all wanted to help find a cure as cancer has now affected many members of staff here.”

For the event staff at Sutherland Shire Council brought their own food and their own collection of `outrageous’ shirts.

Loud Shirt Morning Tea Organiser Judy“I made myself a vest for the occasion,” said Judy.

“There was an abundance of delicious food. Actually, the Mayor who attended our event said she wished we catered for all of the council’s events.”

The team at the Environmental Services Division held their annual Loud Shirt Morning Tea on November 4th raising a much appreciated $5334 for the Foundation, building on the $3000 collected last year.

Big thanks goes to John’s family, Judy, and all the team at Sutherland Shire Council for their wonderful fundraising and support.