Larapinta Challenge: corporate leadership making a difference

Corporate giving and cancer fundraisingThe inaugural Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Larapinta Leadership Challenge set off last month, combining professional development, cancer fundraising and one of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes.

The seven day company challenge was set up in consultation with 3BL Group, World Expeditions and Global Leadership consultants. With a fantastic format in place, all we needed was a forward-thinking company to sign up for this fantastic opportunity!

The challenge was embraced by Goodman Group. Goodman quickly registered four of their staff to experience the wonders of the Australian landscape and amazingly, they have now raised $30,000 for cancer research through individual and corporate charity donations.

We are so grateful for this incredible effort!

The idea behind the corporate fundraising trek, which runs for 80kms from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder in the Northern Territory, was initiated by Ruth Nissim of 3BL Group who worked to combine leadership, corporate social responsibility, corporate giving, and physical challenge.

Gayle Hardie from Global Leadership Foundation said “What became clear quite early in the trek was the learning we could gain from understanding our own physical capabilities, and the relevance of those lessons to leadership.”

“It was a significant step forward for me in leading by example and I felt proud of what I had recognised and achieved.”

The ACRF were thrilled with how successful this corporate giving leadership challenge was for all parties involved. We’d like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic Larapinta trekkers. We hope you had an incredible professional development experience, and please know that your company fundraising efforts have made a huge difference to our ability to fund world-class research in Australia.

See some of the breathtaking Larapinta scenery below.

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