Karen’s Story


My name is Karen and I am a high school teacher, a farmer’s wife and the mother of two boisterous girls aged six and four. We live on our family farm near the rural village of Caragabal in Central NSW.

Like you, I am an ACRF supporter, and I am dedicated to raising funds for cancer research to ensure that all families will get to spend Christmas together for years to come.

And, as ACRF supporters, we know all too well that cancer affects all Australians, from the country to the city, to the coast, from my small village to your community.

Cancer is not new to our family. My dad died of cancer almost 20 years ago, and now I am a cancer survivor myself.

Last year, I was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative breast cancer at 35 years of age. I underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, node dissection and radiation treatment.

Thanks to these and other breakthroughs in cancer research, there is no longer any evidence of breast cancer in my body.

And, thanks to all these advances, I have been left with hope.

Hope that the cancer never comes back. Hope that my daughters will never be directly affected by it. Hope that I will be around to help them through puberty, weddings and babies. And, hope that I will live long enough to enjoy retirement with my husband.

After my personal experience with cancer, I urgently wanted to do my bit to help Australian cancer researchers to find ways to beat all types of cancer.

Although cancer treatments are improving, and major research breakthroughs are getting closer, I know that dedicated efforts will require more funding.

When you make a donation to ACRF today, you give Australia’s best researchers access to the equipment they need to end cancer. By funding new technology, we are helping scientists to uncover information that will lead to better cancer treatment and prevention sooner.

We can all do our part to bring hope to all Australians – together we can help put an end to all types of cancer.
With more funds, researchers and scientists can help realise the hopes and dreams of so many Australian families like mine and yours. Thank you for joining me.   

Karen – ACRF supporter and cancer survivor

Please donate by 31 December to equip Australia’s best researchers with the tools they need to end all cancers.