Ivy’s headshave for cancer research

Ivy raises funds for cancer research in Australia“Hi everyone, I’m Ivy. I’m 10 years old, and enjoy horse riding, playing with my friends, board games, basketball and being with my family. I shaved my head for cancer research in memory of my grandmother’s best friend – Granny Jenny.

Granny Jenny was like a second grandmother to me. She died last year of cancer, and it was very sad for all of us who knew and loved her. She was kind and always supportive about everything we did or wanted to do.

Deciding to do the head shave is a funny story. I was camping at a river with some friends and we’d been swimming in the river every day. My hair is really long and it was getting more and more knotted from being wet so much. When I finally took it out of the braid it was in, it was like a big tangled birds nest. At that moment, I got the idea to shave my head. Two girls in the year above me shaved their heads last year for cancer research and I’ve always thought it would be a really cool thing to do.

Ivy shaved her head to support cancer research in AustraliaLots of people asked me if I was nervous about losing my long hair but I wasn’t, I just wanted the day to hurry up! Now that it’s all shaved off, I’m also going to donate it to be made into a wig for a patient who has lost their hair from cancer treatment.

Cancer is a terrible thing. It puts people in a lot of pain. It would be really scary to have cancer and know you could die and never see your family again. I like that Australian Cancer Research Foundation is helping to find better treatments for people with cancer by giving scientists equipment and I want to support them. It’s exciting that I raised over $4500.00 for cancer research and I want to thank all the generous people who have donated.” – ACRF Supporter, Ivy Bartlett

To support Ivy, you can make a donation on her page here.