Include A Charity Week: Leave a legacy to charity

We’re very proud to be a partner of Include A Charity Week, which is all about raising awareness of how you can leave a legacy to charity in your Will.

Gifts in Wills are a wonderful way to show love and support for cancer research in a way that continues to make an impact well into the future. Many people can’t always afford to give regularly, but leaving a legacy to cancer research is one of the greatest gifts of all, and it means that your memory will live on in the amazing work of Australia’s most talented cancer researchers.

Include a Charity Week is a campaign designed to encourage more people to include a gift to charity in their Will, after they have after looked after their family and friends.

Australians are very generous people, and when asked, 29% of people say they’d be willing to leave a gift in their Will. However, only 7.5% of Australians remember to do so.

Even a modest bequest to charity could be life changing for someone in need. When you choose to leave a legacy in your will, the whole community benefits– which mean you’ll also be helping to build a better world for the people you love.

Often bequests to the ACRF are made by people who have lost loved ones to cancer, or suffered from cancer themselves. Some of our largest research grants have been made possible by those amazing and generous individuals leaving a legacy to cancer research.

We honour and give thanks to those supporters and their families for making such a incredible difference to our ability to fund world-class research in Australia. You can view our Bequest Honour List here.

If you too would like to leave a legacy, contact our Bequest Manager, here.