IIR Informa "Walks 2 Change" for Cancer Research

As Informa and IIR are set to make change for the future, both Australian offices prepared to contribute to positive changes by embarking on the momentous Walk2Change.

The ‘Walk2Change’ took place in Sydney and saw staff from both Informa IIR’s city and North Sydney offices walking in opposite directions before meeting half way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge! All the walkers were sponsored, with Informa and IIR matching all donations dollar for dollar.

All for a good cause to lend support to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation – walkers were sponsored and Informa & IIR matched all donations dollar-for-dollar!

“Morale was high!” Michelle Tan, General Manager and Walk2Change organizer told us.

“Despite the little spit from the skies when nearing our destinations, we were blessed with crisp clean air and a more than occasional peek of sunshine. The Opera House looked magnificent with the slight blanket of clouds hovering above its jagged dome and the harbour sparkled,” she said.

The mission was a success! As the team descended on their destination with sweaty bodies, clanking bones and hungry bellies, “supplies were shared and we ate heartily, with most of our mission behind us, a challenge met,” said Michelle.

Of course, there were a few athletes amongst the group who achieved the feat without taking a second breather!

Spiro Anemogiannis (IIR Informa CEO) presents cheque to Suzie Graham (r) and Deborah Warner ACRFInforma & IIR Australia raised a grand total of A$9,412 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

IIR Informa’s Chief Executive, Spiro Anemogiannis, presented the cheque to ACRF’s Deborah Warner and Suzie Graham at IIR’s city office, with many of the participants sharing their success.

ACRF thanks all the walkers, all who sponsored them and their supporters for their generosity.

Here’s what the participants had to say…

“I liked the experience…I normally don’t walk so it was a good exercise + it felt great to do something for charity beside the usual” Rozalb Jamshidi, IIR Australia

“What a great way to raise money for charity! The walk was a great opportunity to keep fit and raise money for a fantastic cause. I should have called the walk ‘Push to Change’ though as I pushed my sleeping one year old son, Leo, in his pram, weighing in at over 12 kilos, he certainly made the walk a challenge. However, thanks to the help of Deen and Nathan, we managed to get him to the final pit stop” Dawna L, Informa Australia

“It was a wonderful experience and highlight of the corporate calendar. It was a rare opportunity that many Sydneysiders have not experienced: that of walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The beauty of the surrounds and the magnitude of the city and harbour were a humbling experience and the perfect reminder that there are many less fortunate people in our world who are suffering and in need of our help and support. Let’s hope that fundraisers like this grow in corporate importance and social value over the years to come” Grace Mason, IIR Australia

“Liked it so much, I walked back!” Mel C, Informa Australia

“…3 wraps, 2 beakers of coke, one of lemonade and about 8 sandwiches later…I could feel that the mission back would not be as easy as we expected. We gathered the remaining troops and started our journey back. It was a grueling mission walking back that day, the repercussions of overeating…I could feel the beginnings of a “food-coma” setting in. Still, I had an unexpected rush of adrenalin and I knew then, I was going to make it. I grasped my aching stomach with both hands and dragged my tired legs, I only just made it into the lift before the doors closed in… a relief I can’t describe, we’d done it, we’d really made it back” Catherine L, IIR Australia

“Good opportunity to walk for a case & interact with colleagues” Linzie B, Informa Australia.

“Great way to keep fit, socialise and raise money with food as a reward at the end!!” Simone C, Informa Australia

“What better way to raise money than to get fit & experience the most beautiful harbour in the world” Tammy W, Informa Australia

“What better way to spend 2 hours of your life than to bond with your fellow workers in a spirit of charity, community, love and fitness. Moments like these make me want to cry and sing!” Loic B, Informa Australia.

“Money talks, the Subscription Department walks… for Cancer Research.” Grant W, Sam B, Tina K & Kimmy B, Informa Australia

“It was a great chance to appreciate our beautiful city and raise money for a deserving cause. The free lunch was just an added bonus!” Tom D, Informa Australia