Ian finishes another City2Surf

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“I have always been enthusiastic about running. My first City2Surf competition was at age 10 and I’ve tried to participate in the race as often as possible ever since.  I’m now 32 and the 2018 event was my 16th race. With a new baby at home, and work commitments, finding time to train was quite a juggle. It often meant getting up at 5 am to run before the rest of my day got underway.

Because of my own experience with cancer and that of some close family members, it was important this year’s running effort really counted for something. I found out about ACRF while registering for City2Surf and was inspired by their research work and overall vision to beat cancer, which seem more relevant to me than the other cancer support groups.

My motivation to fundraise for cancer research was based on wanting to raise awareness.

Having cancer was a genuine wake-up call for me.

I didn’t know much about the disease before my diagnosis, and I certainly didn’t properly understand how common cancer is and how all age groups are affected.

Although having testicular cancer was something that would have never been anticipated, I was extremely lucky the cancer was identified in early stages and treated so quickly.  Surgery to remove a malignant tumour was followed by continued monitoring and a surveillance regime of monthly blood tests, oncologist visits, and quarterly CT scans. It was a roller coaster of a year but during that time we were blessed – and surprised – when my wife became pregnant with our first child.

I would suggest to anyone thinking about joining in a fun run to use the opportunity to help raise cancer awareness.

It’s not just all about the donations that you can collect.  Your participation can also prompt others to think about what cancer is, how it impacts society and what can be done to support accelerated research.  And remember, there is no greater feeling than running for a cause!”

Ian will be running the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on 16th September, 2018.

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