Have a Cuppa for Cancer and help fund research into prevention, diagnosis and cures!

This month, why not get a group together for a morning (or afternoon) tea party and support world-class cancer research?

With cancer being labelled the world’s number one killer – affecting people of all ages and backgrounds, the ACRF is often approached by community groups who wish to raise funds for cancer research.

We are humbled and motivated by this dedication and so we’ve thought of a fun and inspirational way you and your community group can join in the fight against all cancers – and the Cuppa for Cancer event was born!

The ACRF will always try to have a speaker present at your Cuppa for Cancer, to offer a positive message to your group – ensuring you are left informed and up-to-date on the latest in cancer research.

You will also know exactly where your kind donations are going. The group size doesn’t matter and neither does the size of the donation. Our speaker will attend and thank your group properly for their efforts – great or small every dollar helps in this fight!

If you’re interested in hosting or organising a Cuppa for Cancer with your local community group – or even just with your family and friends – please contact us for more information.

We are happy to post or email out to you more details on key dates and information on hosting a Cuppa for Cancer, though we always invite you to be as creative as you like. If you would like to select your own Cuppa for Cancer date, we will always try to fit in with you.

Please also note that although the ACRF funds research nationally, we operate via a small team of 14 staff based in Sydney. With enough notice, we will make every effort to send a speaker to your cancer fundraising event.