Hannah cuts her hair for charity

cancer fundraising eventWe are the very proud parents of Hannah. Our 7-year-old daughter has a sweet and sensitive nature and is generous of heart. Hannah was born deaf in one ear but that has not slowed her down in the least. She attends a mainstream school, is now in grade 2 at St. Peter’s Primary School, and this year was asked to be part of their advanced reading programme.

Not long ago, Hannah heard from her good friend and classmate about children with cancer and how these children lose their hair from chemo treatments. Hannah spent about a week pondering this information and asked a lot of questions which I answered the best that I could. Hannah sometimes seems wise beyond her years and is very empathetic for such a young girl.

When Hannah came to her Dad and me about cutting her hair off and donating it to a charity to raise money for cancer patients, we were shocked. However, there are times as a parent when you need to accept your child’s good-hearted intentions, despite your own feelings, and this was one of those times.

My mother Brenda, who is a professional hairdresser, was happy to help with her granddaughter’s request. On Sunday, October 22, Hannah’s lovely long brown hair was shortened by nine inches. Yes, I cried and Hannah cried because I was crying! Then Hannah hugged me and we smiled away the tears.

Because Hannah wants to turn her hair into a wig for one child with cancer and wants to raise awareness of cancer, we decided to select two charities: Pantene and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

We learn every day from our selfless daughter and hope that others will as well. A world free of cancer can happen one little step – like Hannah’s – at a time.

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