Half marathon burn for Rebecca and Charlie

My husband and I currently live in Sydney after spending the past three years in London. We decided that participating in the 2018 Australian Running Festival would be a great way to celebrate our return home. We both enjoy setting ourselves challenges, and the half-marathon is a good opportunity to test ourselves and work on our fitness.

We also have a more serious reason for wanting to do the run next month in Canberra. While Charlie and I were in London, my father passed away quite suddenly after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Sadly, the disease had progressed quickly without being noticed. As anyone reading this will know, it is heart-breaking when a family member dies of cancer. I am fundraising for ACRF in the hope that any money donated means that we are one step closer to stopping all types of cancer.

Just recently, a handful of people in our social circles have either been diagnosed with cancer, or this devastating disease has claimed someone close. It strengthens our motivation even more to contribute towards cancer research.

There has been an enthusiastic response from friends, family and work colleagues to our upcoming run and to our raising funds for ACRF. I would encourage others who want fundraise in the same way to pick an event and get involved. You will have the incredible achievement of finishing a marathon, and it’s a chance for anyone to cheer you on by making a donation. And if further incentive is needed, you will be running to help wipe out cancer!


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